Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Passover Weekend in Marquard

This was the first Passover weekend spent in South Africa in five years. On Good Friday Grant invited Angus, Amanda and children over to tea and Hot Cross Buns at 10 am. Rina and I collected MIL Pam from the center and she spent a good hour and a half enjoying her three Marquard great-grandchildren. 

On Saturday night, taking a break from puzzle building Rina and I made up Easter Egg parcels. We wanted to treat the  old ladies in Pam's section of the center, who hadn't gone away for Easter. I typed out and printed the scripture: John 3:16;  Rina cut off lengths of parcel ribbon and together we threaded them through the punched hole in the verse paper and chocolate wrapper. 
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosover believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16) 
I typed out two English Scriptures and the remaining nine in Afrikaans

On Sunday morning, once I'd cooked a roast meal with all the accompanying vegetables, Rina and I set out for the center. 
Two proverbial Red-Riding Hoods off to visit grandma! 

When we arrived at the center, a bit of confusion ensued as we steered Pam (who was waiting at the front door)  back down the passage. With her protesting loudly that she thought she was coming out to lunch with us, we explained that we wanted her along with us when we wished all the oldies Happy Easter and handed each one a chocolate egg. 
Rina knocks on Hannie's door
Hannie and friend, Petro, were thrilled with their Easter Egg treat

Earlier in the week, Pam had said that nothing was being done in this town to make it feel the slightest bit like Easter. On the way to our house, with Rina driving and Pam in the passenger seat next to her, we stopped several times along the streets. The Methodist Church had erected signs all over town to depict Easter and what Christ's sacrifice on the cross means to Christian believers.
One of the many signs in town depicting Easter
Pam and Rina relaxing on the patio 

Last month when we were in town, I asked Grant to buy a two-slice toaster for his mother. He did and we kept it here at home. Our intention was that when Pam said she needed  wanted one, we'd ask her to put up a small deposit and we'd pay for the rest. On Sunday, in a fit of generosity, Grant decided to give it to her as an Easter gift. 
MIL Pam was thrilled with her new toaster! 
My Easter Sunday table setting with the family Menorah as fitting centerpiece

After a delicious lunch followed by dessert, we took Pam back to the center. That evening, greatly excited, she phoned Rina; for supper they'd been served scrambled eggs and she could toast her slice of bread to go with it! 

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  1. Looks as though all of you had a wonderful Easter Weekend!! Fun pics for the day!!! Thanks for sharing the fun, Jo!! Have a great week!

  2. HI That was a lovely surprise you made for the ladies. IS that a trailer rent in your garden?

  3. Jo, wonderful post on your Easter. Lovely shots of you, Pam, Rina and Grant.. have a happy week ahead!

  4. this is a true Easter story and I enjoyed every word of it. I am happy to see that your town put up all those signs. i saw none here.

  5. That was very kind of you to make these Easter presents for the oldies !


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