Friday, April 10, 2015

Ships Ahoy!

This is a reflection of a model junk in a glass case. 
With the lights that Grant inserted against the back, 
there is a perfect replica of the original
In the photo above you can see the original ship on the right
The junk in the glass case, taken from the front

Rina's late husband, Dick built this junk over a period of five years. He preserved it in this glass case and when Rina moved into our home, she brought it with her. Recently Grant did a few minor repairs, added cosmetic lights and it's now displayed on a glass shelf in our entertainment area.  

I'm linking to Weekend Reflections  hosted by James.

Happy Weekend to you all! 


  1. it is a real beauty and took a lot of talent to build it...

  2. That's a beautiful replica and a lovely reflection.

  3. Jo, the ships are beautiful. Great reflection captures!

  4. A very cool model with lots of detail.

  5. Wonderful reflection shot...


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