Saturday, October 3, 2015

Better late than never!

Hi everyone, I've been away from Blogger since Monday. Good reason/s. On Tuesday we took MIL to the state hospital to be screened for a cataract op. More about that later. In the meanwhile, I picked up another bug which had me feeling very lethargic and feverish. Eventually I went to the doctor who gave me an injection for pain and a short course of antibiotics. I'm feeling better today!

Now for my Critters post.

The garden is looking beautiful now after a shower of rain on Wednesday night. 
Aloes and irises along my boundary wall

I've never planted roses but kept three bushes which were already in my garden 15 years ago
I liked this image

A large rose bush beside out entertainment area. 

I liked this image too

Earlier this week I placed floury apples on this bird feeder. When we noted the interest, I cut up oranges and a couple of my crispy apples and and orange. Here a Red-eyed Bulbul tucks into the fruit
A Cape White-eye flew in and had a bite when the Bulbul left

Grant hung another bird feed in the peach tree and soon the Red-Eyed Bulbul swooped in there to feed
When the Bulbul left, the White-eye stopped off to test this bird feeder

And the sunbirds have arrived! The Malachite Sunbird male was feeding at my aloes earlier this week; I missed getting a photo. Next the female arrived and supped from the aloes; still no success. 
Then she flew into the peach tree and I managed to photograph her! 
After a late night last night (more about that next week), I captured the waning moon over Marquard
Images taken by moi at eight minutes past midnight on Friday

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Happy Saturday to you all.

We (the Hedges family) are watching South Africa versus Scotland in an hour. I'm chewing my nails! ) 


  1. sorry you have been sick and hope all went well with the screening for eye surgery. the roses are wonderful and your flowers are all looking beautiful. missed you

  2. Great captures for the day and I do love your flowers!! Hope you're feeling better!! Have a great new week, Jo!!

  3. Wonderful variety of photos ~ beautiful floral and love our 'feathered friends' shots! Excellent!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  4. It's amazing how such a simple thing as putting out food for birds can create so much joy for so many people the whole world over. i think we should have a world wide "feed the garden birds day"?

  5. wonderful moon shots! lovely birds you get as visitors! sorry about the illness but glad you're feeling better. the roses are lovely, jo.

  6. Glad to see you back. Sorry you've been so sick. Nice photos dear Jo.

  7. So sorry you have been unwel! Great rose shots and birds also! Hope you are feeling much better now.

  8. Good to know you are doing good.
    Absolutely stunning captures!
    And the moon shots are terrific.

  9. Great Moon shots Jo adn I love your bird table and all the goodies you leave for the birds. You re certainly attraching them. Beautiul flowersespecially that single rose.

  10. Hope you're feeling better now. All those beautiful flowers are cheery. Nice to see the return of summer especially as winter approaches here.

  11. Hello Jo, sorry I am late commenting. What a beautiful post. Your flowers are beautiful and I love your pretty birds. Gorgeous captures of the moon. I am glad you are feeling better and I hope your MIL eye surgery went well! Have a happy day.


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