Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good fences, good neighborhood

Driving through an old established suburb of Bloemfontein on Tuesday, I - of course - took photos of the properties and their boundary fencing.
It's also an affluent neighborhood: two luxury vehicles and a new Harley Davidson parked outside a sumptuous home 

The huge established trees and lush gardens portray stability and permanence
A neat bungalow-style home with palisade fencing and white pillar offsets

A geometric shaped house and fencing with striking shapes and textured foliage in the garden

An expensive and very uninviting boundary wall

This fence and motor gate is secure yet permits a peek into the wide open garden beyond

Another well-established home and garden behind a neat white-pillared and palisade fence

I'm linking to Good Fences Thursday here


  1. The exclusive house in photo one and the geometric house would suit me, lol. I love the look of them and the greenery in the garden. I hope you are having a great week Jo! It's almost the weekend again.

  2. beautiful properties in that area.Must have a lot of money. I hope they are generous to the poor.

  3. Hello Jo, you found some beautiful fences. They all look like beautiful well kept properties. I like the big trees! Great fence post! Have a happy Thursday and weekend ahead!

  4. driving your roads is never boring, you either have all these homes and fences to admire or animals in the road, birds in the trees. so much to see.

  5. a nice variety of places and fences. i went ahead and linked you in, jo. :)

  6. I love the pillars in the last fence. I also enjoy being able to see through a fence into the property of the home owners. Happy Good Fences day!

  7. There are quite a number of very unique fences here. I like the Geometric patterned fence.


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