Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My beautiful dog and baking rusks

In between hospital trips to the city, I decided to try my hand at baking rusks. Although I can bake quite extensively, I never bothered to learn to bake rusks. Why? Because my Mum baked the most delicious rusks and I just enjoyed them.

My SIL, Shelley (my birding mentor) bakes the most divine rusks. She makes buttermilk rusks and also healthy seed rusks. When we visited at the beginning of September, I asked her to bake me a batch of the latter. She said she'd go one better: she'd show me step-by-step how to bake them. And together we baked them.

Grant and I brought 2kg of rusks and about a kilo of crumbs (these are almost as yummy as the rusks themselves) back on the motorbike. But of course, now they're finished. 

Yesterday I gathered up the courage to bake rusks here in my own oven. I was on Whatsapp with Shelley on and off asking her certain steps (although I was following her recipe!) You bake the thick batter in an oven pan. Then you allow it to cool a little before tipping it out onto a cooling rack. There you allow it to cool completely. Then you slide the large rectangular cake onto a board and slice it into fingers. I use an electric carving knife. As I cut the fingers up into 2cm rusks, Rina carefully placed them on the cooling rack which is suspended over the oven pan. They spent overnight drying out at a very low heat. 

  The tray of rusks drying out in the warm oven.
 Underneath is a circular pan of crumbs drying out as well
Sir Galahad guarding Mum's first-ever rusks in the oven! 

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  1. Well, this has been a fun post!! I've never heard of Rusks before!! Wish I could taste one!! Hope your week and that sweet doggies is going well!! It does look and sound as though it is!

  2. I have heard ofbaby rusks, surely you are not going back to your childhood again!! I have heard of rusks for dogs!! Am I getting close? YOu oven looks very clean bright and shiny! Pup has the right idea and getting all the heat from the oven sleeping.

  3. I'm sure the rusks turned out great. The only rusks I've ever heard of are store bought and no one I know eats them although I buy them myself from time to time. they are like a soft round toast (without butter or anything on top) and about 8 to a package. I bought them for my mom recently because the medications she has been taking for years have disintegrated her teeth.

  4. is the Sir guarding or enjoying the warmth or both. so cute and i have never had or heard of rusks but i know i would love them since i am a bread addict

  5. Sorry Jo but over here "rusks" are what babies eat - manufactured soft biscuits. I'm certain that your rusks are the genuine item but I need to test a full batch. Please send a box asap.

  6. I hope the guard dog gets one for his good work.

  7. Hello Jo, I love your beautiful Skabenga pup! I am not sure what rusks are? I am sure they are delicious. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. Sure do love rusks with my morning coffee when in SA but even with a recipe am too lazy to make them myself. Tried chocolate rusks and really liked those.


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