Saturday, October 31, 2015

Marching and flying critters

During the week I spotted a buzzer on the ceiling near the fan. I thought it had been pinned there by the wind caused by the blades, but although I stopped the fan, it remained there for quite a while. I decided to photograph it and let it fly off when it wanted to.
It looked like a type of wasp
I loved the gossamer wings and the shadow it threw on the ceiling

I've featured the Spathyphillum several times on this meme. This plant is the MALE and the first time it's flowered. We were thrilled!

On Wednesday evening Angus popped his head over the wall and asked to borrow my camera. He and the children were watching an army of ants marching across the lawn to their hole.
Nothing remains once these ants march across it

Last year in Tanzania I featured a post with very similar ants

These ants are rather large, with plastic-looking bodies and heads. It's not wise to get one in your shoes! 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. Wow, the ants in Africa are plentiful and large. I'm glad we don't have them here. I have a friend in Nairobi who is currently coping with about 10 more ants in a trail that crosses their property several times since they moved in a couple of months ago.

  2. Now I do not realy like ants. There was one place we stayed in Malawi and I had hundredss of ants in my bed, it was aweful. Thankfully no the rest had any. Have a great weekend.

  3. i agree ants are fascinating but a no no for our yard. we have fire ants here and if you get in a bed of them they can kill you. ants are in the same category with spiders. i don't want them anywhere near me. but these are fascinating shots of what they can do.

  4. Hello Jo, I almost missed this post. The marching ants are a neat sighting. The wasp has pretty wings. Congrats on your new bloom, it is a pretty plant. Have a happy weekend!

  5. If ants c walk a path like that then I will keep my toes clear for sure.


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