Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday Critters with Eileen

Wednesday this week was the last of six trips involving MIL's cataract procedure. (More about this soon)

Of course, traveling along the regional road with farmlands on either side and which meets up with the N1 National Freeway between Johannesburg and Cape Town, I had ample photos ops. 

This time we also saw a tractor albeit a smaller one which wasn't causing obstruction on the narrow road
These cattle are grazing in a large paddock near Marquard. The flat-topped mountain (which is iconic in the Free State) is called Leeukop / Lion's Head
On the golf course early on Thursday morning, the dogs really enjoyed themselves
This picture says it all!
The cattle in the adjoining field next to the golf course, always come up to the fence
I think I've always referred to these cattle as cows. This week Grant told me they're young bulls (or did he say oxen?) You wouldn't think I've grown up in the country, would you? LOL!
A large gentleman chews the cud

A common fiscal casts a beady eye on the ground below - he's hunting for breakfast!

I rescued this moth from my kitchen sink. I placed it on Abby's drinking cup and snapped!

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  1. You have such wide open spaces Jo.Almost a pleasure to drive those roads I imagine? You made me Google Common Fiscal where I found it to be yet another member of the shrike (Lanius) family. Have a great weekend.

  2. The dogs sure were having fun. It looks dry there like it is here too.

  3. Wow Jo, I love the cattle country and windmill. And Skabenga is really growing up, he is beautiful. The Common Fiscal is a cool bird. Great critter post! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


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