Thursday, October 8, 2015

Good fences; good walkies

On Sunday when we returned from an early walk on the golf course, Grant photographed me walking Skabenga to heel. When I downloaded the photo, I was thrilled to see that the pup is already looking to his "master" when being walked on a leash. 
Skabenga, still a young pup, already walking beautifully on a leash

The next morning as we approached the gate leading onto the golf course,
 the herd of cows in the next door paddock came towards the fence (I like the way the fence post and wire is only just visible in the photo!)
Many fence pillars are made of sandstone

The animals are so tame that I could scratch these two bovine beauties on the nose!
Way down along the fairway, I photographed a quaint bridge spanning a furrow (now empty)

Another perspective of the bridge

I'm linking my post to Good Fences Thursday here

Here's wishing you all a wonderful day.


  1. Lovely place to have a walk and it does seem that Skabenga is responding well to his master's leading on a leash. Well done!

  2. What fun shots for the day, Jo! Skabenga is such a cutie and I do love the cows!! Looks like a great day for all! Thanks as always for sharing!!

  3. He's growing into a beautiful and well trained dog.The cows are cute, they look like Bahman cows.

  4. Skabenga is a good dog ! He learns quick and becomes big too ! Your cows look funny to me, ours are completely different !

  5. the Pup is doing so well. Love the walk you take and also that bridege is lovely. Thise cows are gorgeous.

  6. skabanga's a good boy! love the curious cattle herd!

  7. How nice that Skabenga is doing a great job learning to be on a leash. - Very nice looking cattle, quite different from those we have around here.

  8. Skabenga is doing so good. Says something for the "master". Has he met the cows yet?


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