Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When we were young

On Friday 2nd October the retirement center held a dinner dance. The sale of the tickets and refreshments are in aid of the Frail Care Ward in the home. 

Grant has double trouble when we go out anywhere!

Rina standing next to Pienkie; Pam on the right of the photo

Everyone living in the independent housing and in the oldies' section (where MIL has a unit) was asked to bring a photo of when they were young. 
These were copied, laminated and used as place mats. There were no names on the photos and we had to guess the identity. 
As I lifted my starter, I saw that I had MIL Pam's photo as my placemat. (I knew because I'd handed this photo in)
We had a lovely table of mostly ladies. You can imagine the chatting and laughter that went on that evening!
Rachel, one of the center's residents holds her "young" photo below her face
The local pharmacist, Carminy and her husband, with friends at the table next to us
The bald guy in pink stripes is the Station Commander of the Police Station. His wife, Mandy is sitting on his left. The bald gentleman in the blue stripes, is local businessman, Prashant who is also the Methodist minister. His fiance, Maron is just behind him. On the far corner of the table is Prashant's brother, Sashank - also a local businessman with his blonde Irish wife on his right
MIL Pam holds up her young photo. 62 years later, she's still looking good
Grant led his Mum for a gentle two-step around the floor

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  1. Aw, dear Jo. It is heartwarming to see Grant dance with his mother. I bet it made her day! Pam looks marvellous under the care of you and Grant and the care home where she lives. The other oldies look pretty good too. Lots of pretty women there in South Africa, including the youngsters, Rina and Jo! Much love. xx

  2. HI Jo what a very special event and it looks like eveeryone had a great time. That idea of the place mats was great.

  3. what a great idea to use the old photos for place mats... and Pam still looks beautiful. i can see everyone was having fun.. great way to raise funds.

  4. I love this. So much fun to share the photos of when these folks were young.

  5. It looks as if you had a nice evening ! MIL was a pretty women when she was young, she still looks good but completely different ! I like your outfit !


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