Wednesday, October 14, 2015

White-backed Mousebird and Juvenile

Last week while sitting at my desk, my peripheral vision picked up a fluttering in the thorn tree beyond the driveway. I grabbed  my camera and focused. I managed a series of shots of a mousebird and its young. 

A white-backed mousebird! 
White-backed Mousebird Juvenile

The white-backed mousebird has an overall grey appearance, bluish-white bill (tipped black) and bright red legs. In flight, it has a lower white back stripe bordered by black. deep maroon rump (not always visible). The juvenile is similar to the adult but its rump is grey-brown, not maroon; its breast buff-yellow and its bill is blueish green. 
Juvenile on the left with its parent on the right
Here the juvenile clings on for dear life! 
The adult is in the foreground displaying the white stripe and maroon rump! 

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  1. Oh, what a lovely bird and baby and what great captures, Jo!! Thanks as always for sharing! Hope your week is going welll!!

  2. I don't ever think I saw that white stripe or maroon rump before on those birds. The young are lovely.

  3. Hello!:) Glad you happened to see them. The juvenile bird looks so vulnerable clinging on to the branch. Nice shots!

  4. It is a cute little bird an your photos do it justice. Have a wonderful rest of your week dear Jo!

  5. Great captures of this interesting bird and baby.

  6. that first shot of the mouse bird is just adorable, so cute and cuddly looking.

  7. Hello Jo, your Mousebird is pretty. It is cool seeing the baby with the adult bird. Great shots. Enjoy your day!

  8. Great shots! Love these fascinating birds.


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