Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kitties and dogs

Hello Bozo and all Mum's blogger friends; this is Ambrose. This week I have photos of Unca Shadow, Dad Ginger and me and also of Eddy and Skabenga.

Unca Shadow and I enjoy the sunshine on Mum's bed

Dad Ginger soaks up the sun near the window
Eddy and Skabenga running on the golf course
Skabenga playing with "his" wooden mouse

Our yoomen dad made us a scratching post shaped like a mouse. He used Aunty Chappie's wooden mouse scratching post as a pattern.

Skabenga chewed our scratching post until it looked like it does above. We've taken over Chappie's mouse scratching post. She only likes her pillar shaped scratching post. Skabenga plays with "his" wooden mouse in the garden and isn't allowed to touch ours when he comes into the room. 

What's a mouse, Unca Shadow?

Oh, is it something alive which cats catch and eat? Ewghh! 

I cannot imagine eating something that is alive and running about! 

Oh, Unca Shadow - you say we don't need to catch our own food because Mum feeds us these yummy chunks in gravy which she spoons into our dishes from a sachet?  I agree, that's much better!

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  1. Always fun to read your post for the day, Ambrose!! What a clever fellow you are!! I hope you and your other four-legged friends are enjoying a great weekend!!

  2. so beautiful, all of you and the sunshine makes your furs even prettier... you have a good momma


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