Sunday, October 18, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday # 3

Due to family commitments and extensive travel this week, I was concerned that I'd not get images for the Scavenger Photo Hunt. But I did and here they are!

Our house number is on the front corner of the building. This worked fine until we added palisade fencing and wooden slats around the property last year
Grant bought another number five and screwed it to the wall outside
Our house number is now clearly visible at the right side of our gate as enter our garden
We had a barbecue in the Jetmaster after watching SA rugby (World Cup) on telly last night
These flames are not only beautiful; they are also hot

In South Africa we have every type of pumpkin available. Having grown up in a predominately Afrikaans home, the traditional way to cook pumpkin is with sugar and butter. However, these butternuts above are delicious cut in half,  de-pipped and boiled until soft. I fill them with sweetcorn, topped with cheese and grill for a few minutes. Much healthier and kinder to on hips!
We also have mini-squashes and pumpkins which are "savory". These are delicious roasted with mushrooms, red peppers and whatever else you like, sprinkled with olive oil, herbs and course salt and grilled. Yummy!

My ever-growing Labrador pup, Skabenga is quiet when he lies asleep below my desk

I filled this curio beer mug (from our goldmine sojourn in West Africa ten years ago) with water...
...placed it in the sunny window and snapped

I'm linking to Scavenger Hunt Sunday here

Happy Sunday to you all!


  1. LOVE the shadows from the glass.. and the shadows on the five are beautiful. i like your big number and it is beautiful to...

  2. i just saw squash like yours hanging as ornaments.

  3. forgot to say AWESOME FIRE.... sorry about the 3 comments

  4. Ah, if we all could rest quietly as your cut pup is.
    Didn't think I was going to make the list this week either. Then as often happens, it all came together.

  5. Hello Jo, I like your number 5, looks great! And Skabenga is a sweetie, so calm and quiet. The pumpkin cooked with sugar and butter sounds yummy. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Lovely shadows on the wall! OH, I see Sandra said the same thing. Well, it's true. :)

  7. Love the fire images! The patty pan squash are so colorful!

  8. Terrific shadow shots for the day, Jo!! I hope you're ready for a great new week!! Enjoy!!

  9. HI Jo I love the size of the number 5, no misstakingyour house now! I thought you might not have pumpkins over in S.A. how wrong was I!. The best shots are the fire. Brilliant. Of course i love the pup and yes he i quiet for the moment. I do not think Askley has done the link as yet for her meme. Mine will go on soon.

  10. Great collection. Love the fire shots and those pumpkins all look good.

  11. Love the flames and od course the puppy steals my heart.


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