Thursday, May 11, 2017

Crazy antics with the animals

On Monday night, Grant looked out of the rondawel window and said Missy is lying down in the stable. (It was 2am and I wasn't really interested in what Missy was doing as long as she was fine!) 

But... of course I got up, bleary-eyed and grumpy. I  picked up my camera, went outside and standing barefoot on the cold dewy grass,  I snapped the horses.
 Missy lies down; Thunder stands in his stable 

On Wednesday morning at 2am , Grant looked out of the rondawel window and said: Either someone has stolen Thunder or he's broken out of his stable. (The pole was lying on the ground in front of the stable.) Once again, I was fast asleep and mumbled that firstly, no-one can get into the property and secondly Skabenga would've alerted us. 

That made Grant say: Where IS Skabenga? And started calling him. Mr Skabenga was fast asleep in the rondawel next door and eventually came out to where Grant was standing on the rondawel paving. He looked very sheepish. Grant patted him and told him to go back to sleep! 

This time I didn't get up to look at or photograph horses. But at 5.12am when the dogs and I set out for our walk, I saw Thunder standing near the stables. (I never realized my camera lens was so dusty until I downloaded the photos below)
Thunder outside the stables. Note the pole lying askance as it had fallen with a slight nudge from him. He'd have gone back but he never steps over that slanty pole. You have to lift it and hook it in a wire loop under the roof
The full moon was a huge yellow orb above and beyond where I was snapping Thunder
By now the old guy came to see what I was doing. Note Missy ducking her head to see what Thunder was getting.

Before I went out with the dogs, I asked Grant to hook the pole up, I got him Thunder back into the stables and Grant secured the pole in place. There were still three hours before Namusa arrived and I wanted Thunder "behind bars" until then. When we checked later in the morning, we saw that Thunder had eaten every one of Joshua's 12 mielie plants - stalks, leaves, young maize cobs and all. This is the second time Thunder has done this.
Out on the servitude, I snapped Eddy running ahead
Skabenga was running in the grass. Can you see his eyes shining - one white one and one yellow one - in the right of the photo?

Does anyone wonder that I'm shattered by 7pm what with the antics of our animals?



  1. Oh my, Jo! The animals have kept you really busy today. I hope you get some real sleep tonight. zzz xx

  2. Happy Thursday to you - with hopefully an uninterrupted nights sleep.

  3. I only have one comment or question. what the heck was Grant doing looking out the window of the rondwel at 2 am?? 2nd question Why did he feel he had to wake you up to ask you what the horses were doing??? I am ROFL my head off because that is what Bob would do to... if you or I looked out we would do what you did and not even wake them up... on no on the plants Thunder ate. remember he is also MALE... who else would break out twice to eat the plants? I really enjoyed this tale of two horses and a dog and a man

  4. Sandra, you're the first person who has asked that question. I was hoping that it would've shone through in my post. Just that! Yip. Wakes me up for every dang thing that happens in the night...

    1. I didn't ask it but I certainly thought it. Typical male is what I thought too. Ha Ha. Hope you are doing well and that Thunder is no longer escaping and that Grant is no longer peeking out the window at 2 a.m. *wink

  5. Mysteries in the middle of the night might wait 'til morning?

  6. The animals sure keep you busy. Early night for you :)

  7. Whenever our horses got out whoever noticed went and rounded them up. But that didn't usually happen in the wee hours.


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