Monday, May 15, 2017

Snow on the mountains

It rained all through Friday night. When we woke on Saturday, the mountain peaks were covered in snow. It rained all Saturday and that night as well. 

The temperatures have dipped somewhat with a low 8°C and only reaching 14°C during the day. 

As Ambrose posted yesterday, much preparation and protection is given to the horses' stables and Guinea Pigs dwellings to ensure they're warm and comfortable. The dogs both have tires lined with thick blankets and each stands on large doormats which I brought from Marquard with our last load. They are in the rondawel next door to us, with the door slightly ajar so that Skabenga can patrol the yard at night. Eddie sleeps way back in the rondawel behind the washbasin and is well-protected against the elements.

The cats? Well, the cats are either draped all over our bed or on asleep their own sheepskin donuts. 

 Cathkin and Champagne Castle with snowy peaks
 for the first time this winter 
 Leonotis leonarus (Wild Dagga) in full bloom 
against the snowy mountain backdrop 
 The roses are glorious at the moment too 

 Polygala fruticosa (Petite butterfly sweet pea shrub) flowering as well 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the winter blooms as well as the exciting snow in South Africa! 



  1. I like your flower photos with the bold mountains in the background. It sounds like your animals all have snug and safe places to sleep.

  2. That is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much.

  3. The views on the snowy mountains are amazing, Jo. The flowers are very pretty!

  4. Oh I do miss waking to snow - never happens in Melbourne!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. amazing flowers and now i know you have flowers in winter time to, like we do.. such a wonderful view of the mountains through the flowers

  6. Lovely photos of your Winter. I laughed about the temperatures as it is Spring here and our temperatures are not much different. Warmer weather is very slow in coming to these parts this year.

  7. Hello Jo! Sorry I've been slow catching up on my friends after a blog break but it's been lovely to visit you in South Africa & see the first snow as well as those wonderful flowers!
    Hope you all enjoy a happy week!

  8. Stunning images Jo! Absolutely stunning.

  9. Such pretty scenery with the flowers and the mountains.

  10. So pretty, and that answers my question about whether you see snow!

  11. The blooms are so striking against the wintry backdrop. Hope you have enough blankets. Stay warm and enjoy the view.

  12. Beautiful flowers ! If your winter temperatures are 15° then we have winter here too, lol ! Yesterday we had 30° ! No wonder that I caught a cold !


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