Sunday, May 7, 2017

All the critters on the farm

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with a post showing all the critters on this farm. 
Auntie Chappie sunning herself on the rondawel concrete
The horses enjoying the late afternoon sun pouring into their stables
Unca Shadow running ahead of Mum and Skabengas' shadows
My Dad Ginger and I, Ambrose,  resting against the rondawel wall 
Skabenga and Aunty Eddie asleep in their own room next door to our rondawel

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  1. What a sweet collection of critters!

  2. you forgot the little pigs pic... when I got to Ambrose and Dad together in the sun, my eyes actually teared up a little. the love each other so much and I like to see them together.. all your critters are beautiful and wonderful. I see all that green grass and I know it is winter, so my question is, does it die when it gets colder? or stay green year round.

  3. Such cute cats, and great views on the farm. The grizzly on my blog was in a zoo; we don't have grizzlies in the wild where I live. I have seen black bears and mountain lions while hiking but they don't usually attack people. The biggest risk to my dogs is the coyotes.

  4. The cats, horses and dog really know how to take advantage of the warm sun. They look like they figured out life, a nice one.


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