Monday, May 1, 2017

The changing seasons

Driving through the Valley yesterday, I realized that within the week, the leaves on the trees had changed from green to yellow, orange and red. In the Free State, the conifers are a glorious sight during autumn and many visitors come to photograph and paint the glorious colors. In fact, I did a photographic course at the end of April 2007 in the Golden Gate Highlands Park.

On Sunday we joined Steve and Estelle (Muthi's parents) and several of their friends for a potjie. The first thing I did was to photograph the trees in the dip below Steve's house. 
The vibrant autumn colored trees surrounding accommodation in the valley below
 The three older men sported hats; Bruce wanted a photo of this...
Bruce, Steve and Grant 
Muthi joined the visitors on the lawn
Liz, Bruce's wife, gives Muthi a cuddle
Estelle shows us how playful Muthi still is

I thought it prudent here to explain how the word: Muthi is pronounced and what it means. Muti is actually traditional South African medicine. See here if you wish. Muthi's owners spell his name with an "H". The original word "muti" and this legendary dog's name, "Muthi" is pronounced: moottee.

From Steve and Estelle's garden, the mountains which we see from our house on the hill, looks very different. I clicked away at the changing scenes
 After lunch the clouds had lifted and Cathkin Peak, Champagne Castle and Sterkhorn were visible
On the trip home, I photographed the trees on a large golfing estates in the valley
At home, the Guard Dog and his assistant were waiting for us!



  1. The tree colours look beautiful, Jo. It´s a feast to photograph during the Autumn season.

  2. poor pups waiting your arrival at the gate, they look so sad. I know they went crazy with Joy... the colors are amazing and not what I think about when I think Africa... your friends live in a stunning piece of paradise as does that sweet old Muthi... as for the hats both photos are WONDERFUL... the profile is my favorite, the other one made me think of my most favorite Movie Crocodile Dundee

  3. Beautiful scenery!! Autumn foliage is always pretty.
    I have an online friend that we call Mutti [pronounced the same as the cute puppie]...and it means 'mother' in Danish - She's from Denmark. Interesting bit of information.

  4. What a beautiful place with the mountains and the autumn leaves. Interesting about the dog's name.

  5. Is beauty great love all your photos.
    Coffee is on

  6. How nice to get together ! I am so surprised that you are going towards autumn now, just like in Australia ! A season I personally don't like because it announces winter ! I am off to Egypt in two hours !

  7. It's a fabulous setting where your friends live and I'm delighted to see the Fall colours exist in South Africa!


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