Monday, May 22, 2017

Wild flowers, grasses and weeds

Last week while blog hopping and visiting, I came across two beautiful posts featuring wild flowers, weeds and grasses. Christine and her Camera and Mac Wheeler posted beautiful photos of flowers and grasses in their area. It made me go out to the veld with the dogs and look for pretty wild flowers and weeds.

I'd said to Christine that we don't have dandelions anymore as we're in the throes of winter, but the first "flower" I came across was a...


 Further along my walk, I stopped to photograph the grasses 
a slightly different angle which picked up the fields and mountains in the background

Grasses with the harvested maize fields in the background
A fine-leafed variety of grass

The dogs cavorted and explored and ran all over the fields

 This grassy weed looks as though  it belongs in a garden
 A close-up of a grass with my camera casting a shadow on the fronds
 The snow has melted on the peaks in front...
...but still lies thick on the Lesotho mountains behind



  1. A very lovely series of photos, Jo. Happy weekend. xx

  2. Just beautiful - and a very happy Monday (and week to come) to you and yours.

  3. Beautiful series of photos, Jo. Love your dandelion! So soft and fluffy.

  4. I must admit I didn't know you are in the winter until I saw the mountain tops. Everything looks so warm and sunny. Our Dnadelion seed heads are just beginning to appear.

  5. Fabulous macro shots Jo, looks like you were lucky to get there before the next strong wind blew the dandelion apart 😊 The mountains look magnificent in the background!

  6. Hello, lovely series Jo! The dandelions are pretty captures. I always enjoy seeing your furbabies too. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  7. I love it when I get ideas for photos from other bloggers. glad you went hunting. that dandelion is beautiful, much fuller and thicker than ours are here... love the grasses and the sweeties that are loving the grasses

  8. Great shots. I love dandelions.

  9. Wonderful shots Jo. The dandelion and the mountain, sounds like a title of a book. :)

  10. Very pretty flowers/weeds, and I never tire of seeing mountains.


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