Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Greater Double-collared Sunbird

Although I've posted this bird before (and quite recently) I just cannot resist showing it [off] again. I was at the kitchen sink when I saw the female in the  Tecomaria capensis  / Cape Honeysuckle near the rose garden. 

I grabbed my camera from the office table, she'd moved to the Leonotis leonurus / Wild dagga which is in full bloom at the moment. I snapped her ...

...and then spent the next two hours photographing the male of the species. He was also feeding off the Leonotis leonurus .  
 Note how the sunbird grips his perch with his feet 

 Another acrobatic feat from this agile bird 

Greater Double-collared Sunbird (male)

I don't know what I was supposed to be doing that afternoon; all I know is that I didn't do it. Instead, I had great fun photographing this beautiful bird.

I'm linking to Wild Bird Wednesday here



  1. Hi Jo, I followed the link from Stewart's wild bird wednesday, and your page was blank,apart from a mesage saying this page dosen't exist. However I clicked on somthing else and yay up poped a beautiful and well photographed Sunbird, brilliant.
    Take care, Gordon.

  2. he is gorgeous and blends right in with the flowers, he has all he colors they have. love the little claws hanging on tight... I would have spent that long to

  3. Hello JO, I love your pretty Sunbird. The flowers are lovely too. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Wow--no matter how many times you share this bird, I LOVE seeing it.... Such gorgeous colors...

    Love the flowers too--and obviously that bird is enjoying the flowers also!!!


  5. I am so jealous!!! They are like our hummingbirds and yet not. Wonderful photos!

  6. I'm sure that whatever you were supposed to be doing wasn't nearly as exciting Jo 😊 the colours on the male sunbird are irradecently gorgeous! Super fab captures!


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