Saturday, May 13, 2017

Critters and skies

Driving home from the Free State, last month, as always we travel through the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.  Passing the Glen Reenen Rest Camp, where Grant and I have camped many times over the past 23 years, I photographed horses in the shady car park. 
Resident horses in Glen Reenen Rest Camp snapped as we drove past 

Back home several weeks ago, Grant and I spotted a small flock of Southern Bald Ibis in the paddock next to the property. Although not rare, these birds are only found in a small patch in South Africa: we've only ever seen them here the Drakensberg and the Eastern Free State. Unfortunately they were spooked as I wound the car window down and flew off before I could get closer and clearer images. 
Southern Bald Ibis
A closer photo showing the bird's beak open while it squawked a warning to the others in the flock 

At the beginning of May, I posted about having lunch with artist friend, Steve and his equally talented wife, Estelle. He and she of the "Muthi the Dog" fame. While eating outdoors, the resident Egyptian goose landed on the BBQ table begging for scraps. 
Egyptian Goose arrived for lunch
Muthi snuffled around on the lawn for tidbits. At 147 years old, he still enjoys a get-together with his beloved mum and dad and their friends

With the still air and calm, warm days, we've seen many balloon trips over the valley. April also has many public holidays and the valley buzzed with tourists. 

We could hear the people talking in the balloons
Full moon; visibility 100%; age 15.30 days; 11 May 2017 @ 6.22am
 The full moon was extra big this month. I had plenty of opportunity to photograph it with Thunder's antics in the night and Grant waking me to tell me this! 
A beautiful rainbow over the valley earlier this week

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  1. Beautiful sights and scenes, Jo! It all looks very peaceful and relaxing even if you had a lot of tourists about in April. Muthi is such a cute looking dog and it was neat to see the Egyptian goose.

  2. Too many rainbows would be barely enough. Seeing them always brightens my day.
    Thank you.

  3. I have never seen an Egyptian goose, but I saw an Ibis on the beach in Egypt ! Beautiful moon and landscape pictures !

  4. Great photo of the goose, and it is always fun to see hot-air balloons!

  5. I love that goose, really different than ours here. and you know I love Muthi. and horses. and I see 2 rondawels with the horses ..

  6. Wonderful scenes. I love the hot air balloons, nice clear sky makes the flight enjoyable. The goose seems like he expects a little something to snack on.

  7. Would be delightful to fly in a balloon over your area.

  8. Hello, JO! I love the horses and the cute dog. The hot air balloons look pretty. Gorgeous sky shots. Again, I am sorry to be so late visiting your post and commenting. I appreciate you linking up your post. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your day and new week ahead!


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