Sunday, May 14, 2017

Four cats and a rat!

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with news of the kitties in the mountains. It's very cold here now and there's white stuff on the BEEEG mountains ahead of us. 
Here, I Ambrose, am sitting on my yoomen dad's car trying to see the white stuff 
Mum and our yoomen Dad made us a new cat cave. Unca Shadow and I had scratched the other one to pieces! 

Last night Unca Shadow returned from hunting in the field outside the garden. He was carrying a BEEEG rat in his mouth. He carried it into Mum's rondawel and ran under the bed with it. Dad Ginger, Aunty Chappie and I ran after him to watch him. Later when Mum came in she shone a torch under the bed and the cupboard and behind the bath. Normally when kitties eat a mouse or rat, they only leave the stomach as it's very bitter. There was nothing on the floor; not even bloody marks like we usually make.  The rat was gone. I heard her saying to our yoomen dad she hopes that Basil the Rat doesn't run over her feet when she visits the bathroom in the middle of the night. I had to giggle at the name: Basil for a rat. Only we kitties know what happened to the rat and we can't tell Mum...

Yesterday I also saw Mum adding extra straw to the Guinea Pigs cages to help against the cold. They live in BEEEG cages under wooden houses with straw inside. So they are very warm and comfortable. She also added extra grass to the horses stable to keep them fed and warm with the cold that the white stuff on the mountains is bringing. 

Mum adding extra grass to the horses' stable; Skabenga always helps Mum
The horses even eat some of their straw! 

So, all the animals on this farm are well fed, warm and happily sleeping in their respective beds. 
At night Unca Shadow snuggles up to Mum on her bed
Aunty Chappie sleeps on Mum's laptop bag next to Mum's bed
Dad Ginger and I curl up together on one of our donuts under Mum's dressing table

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  1. I'm guessing it is now Winter season where you live. All the animals are snug in their beds. I hope you and Grant will be equally warm this season. Hugs. xx

  2. No wonder your mum has whiskey under the bed. She needs it after looking after all you animals.

  3. Your Mom is taking great care of you and here in USA it is Mothers day, so happy mothers day to your mom... I am thinking there is a live rat somewhere, rather my feet than across my head on the bed. yowsa

  4. Your yoomen is a true animal lover. Very kind.
    Psst... do tell me what happened to the rat ;)


  5. So cute! I love cats! :-)

  6. The cats do look comfortable on their beds. When we had cats and a mouse came, they would play with it and then dog would snatch it up and the game was ended.

  7. The horses look pretty and comfortable in their barn. I hope the humans start riding them soon. Maybe they can give a good kitty a ride, too.

  8. I wonder what the secret is about what happened to the rat; you cats keep busy hunting.


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