Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy Birthday, Skabenga

During the last week of April, I kept thinking it will soon be Skabenga's second birthday. Yesterday, 8th May, I suddenly remembered that his birthday is on 1 May ; we had completely missed it. 

Aaaah well. I don't think the little doggy is any the wiser. 

Nevertheless, we immediately made a huge fuss of him which turned his head a little and he ran around in circles barking at his tail. Skabenga can be a bit quite daft at times.

Skabenga became part of our family in June 2015. He was just six weeks old. He was such a cute pup and blogger friends who knew me then will remember that I posted incessantly about him at the time! 

See herehere and here ! 

Skabenga was six months old when I first took him and Eddy to the golf course. This became a daily occurrence with great excitement until we left to come to the Drakensberg. 
Skabenga has always loved water and enjoyed the dam on the golf course every day (I loved this image with the dogs' reflections) 

 So often Eddy and Skabenga's hind legs are off the ground
This is a very special photo to me: shows the sheer exuberance of both dogs. I had it as a cover photo on FaeeBook
Of course, here in the mountains he is able to run off-leash and there is so much more space than we had before. And, living here, I take him and Eddy out at least two, if not three and four times a day. 

 This photo and the one below are also favorites of mine

Skabenga always looks out for Eddy! 
Another one of my favorite photos of my darling Skabenga 
True farm dogs
 Skabenga, the assistant bush clearer; last month we slashed away the thick growth along the river bank

It made the task easier seeing as the dogs could have a dip in between their toils
 I've posted Skabenga and Thunder nuzzling each other but cannot find that photo ! 
He and Eddy love the horses and they love both the dogs
Skabenga patrolling one section of his beat - he takes his job as guard dog very seriously ! 

Every time Skabenga sits next to Grant's chair, leans against his leg and gazes up at him, Grant says the same thing: This dog has the best nature I have ever come across. 

And it's true! 
Who'd have thought that from this... (seven weeks old)
...came this handsome two-year-old Labrador!


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  1. Happy Birthday Skabenga! My how you have grown. xx

  2. What a sweet looking dog, Jo! Well they both are of course :) Great to see them playing in the water together.

  3. Great photos!
    I love dogs
    Have a great week!

  4. you know I LOVE Skabenga and would love to meet him in person. that baby pic with the blanket is priceless and made me laugh out loud.... he is such a wonderful and beautiful dog... you are blessed to have him and he is blessed to have you.. happy birthday Dear Sweet Skabenga

  5. Lovely photography of your doggies ~ great place that you live ~ they be off leash ~ a delight ~ a treasure ~ thanks,

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  6. Happy dogs have an energy, exuberance and charm all of their own don't they?

  7. I thought I had commented...not a happy day for me and my computer.
    So glad I managed to post to my blog, and that you commented. Thanks, Jo.
    Now...back to the belated-birthday boy...it's wonderful to see how Skabenga looks after Eddy!
    Hugs from here, my dear Jo.
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