Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Garden through my Camera Lens

This afternoon I wandered, camera in hand, through my garden. I've only been away a little under a month, but when I left at the end of winter, the lawn was brown; many shrubs and trees had died down and the annuals were straggly and untidy. Debbie, in between seeing to a five-month-old baby, homeschooling the two older children and looking after all my pets, also supervised the garden spring clean: cutting back shrubs and trees, adding topsoil to the lawn, thinning and planting out the perenials.
Angie bounds through the Creeping gazanias (Gazania regens) with a seed pod in her mouth
My Banksia rose is thriving in its second season
Euryops add many months of colour to the garden
Angie again...
I was thrilled to see these beautiful Calendula officinalis thriving in my garden
The Californian poppies ( Escholscholzia californica ) add a bright splash to each bed.
Above is a member of the Sedum genus (Sedum x rubrotinctum) also popularly known as the jelly bean sedum. This is the first year it has produced these yellow rosettes in flower!
One of my "dry" garden beds is alive with colour and texture as the Aloe spp burst into bloom
The white stinkwood (Celtis africana) is the first tree in my garden to lose its leaves in the autumn and the first to sprout leaves in early spring.
Aloe spp above and below This indigenous spreading succulant, Bulbine frutescens is also known
as cat's tail
Thank you Debbie and my loyal gardeners.


  1. Hi Jo, Debbie is a remarkable daughter. She did such a good job keeping things at your home in good shape. I know you are proud of her---and you are HAPPY to be home.. Right????


  2. Your garden is gorgeous with such diversity. I really like the first flowers best, look like johnny jumpups. Angie is a doll. I'll bet you're glad to home to enjoy the first of spring.

  3. It must nice to be home again to enjoy your lovely garden.
    Sunny :)

  4. You can send Debbie and the gardeners over here for a while please. You have some interesting and beautiful plants.

  5. Bly jy kan die lente in jou tuin geniet!! Dit lyk al klaar pragtig.

  6. You have a lovely garden--Debbie did a great job overseeing its spruce-up while you were gone.

    Angie has a very sweet face...makes me want to give her a scratch behind her ears!

  7. Hi Betsy;) I am blessed to have Debbie caring for everything here at home. I am truly proud of her. She is a very special young woman. Yes, it is SUPER to be home!

    Hi Gaelyn, yes, we call the flowers in the first photo, Jumping Jacks. They are miniature pansies. I use them in salads! Angie and the other pets are thrilled to have me home but have been so well cared for by Debbie, I need not worry about them at all.

    Hi Sunny;) It's super to be home again.

    Hi diane;) yes, they are all treasurs.Debbie knows indigenous gardening so the gardeners relate well to her as well.

    Hi Ida;) dis heerlik en was so lekker om jou nou die aand te sien.

    Hi Pat;) yes, Debbie is a wonderful young lady with a real sense of style in the garden. I can see different things in the future! Thanks Angie is a darling.

  8. You have a lovely garden. It is well taken care and it shows.

  9. Thanks Eileen, leaving this garden, my grandchildren and pets to go and live most of the year in North Africa, has been a discipline for me. I love being in my garden now but feel almost detached from it (won't let the gardeners know - LOL- I'm in there with them tomorrow morning.) Thanks for popping in.


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