Friday, August 20, 2010

Autumn Sunrise over Omdurman?

Sunrise over Omdurman earlier this week

On Monday morning my husband, who was travelling across the city to work, phoned me and told me to look at the sunrise. Grabbing my camera, I dashed up onto the roof and sure enough, there was the most beautiful sun rising over the River Nile. According to the weather report, we were supposed to have a heavy rainstorm that day. (much needed, I can tell you) However, all we had was a thick dust storm which, although it blew dirt all over the city, afforded a stunning sunrise. 

The Arabic word for dust storm is el gubar

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  1. Sorry you didn't get any rain, Jo, but at least, you saw a gorgeous sunrise... WOW!!!!!


  2. ahhhhh....absolutely beautiful!

  3. That sky looks like the color of sand. Stunning! Nice that he called you. Hope not too much got into the flat now that you've sealed things up.

  4. That is a stunning sunrise.

  5. el hawa means the air, storm means 3aasifa
    I hope the weather in Sudan will improve soon, hold on, Jo the summer is moving on :)

  6. What gorgeous way to start the day! Wow! Fantastic capture, Jo! Such stunning colors and I love the dark trees silhouetted against the sky! Sorry you didn't get the needed rain though! Hope you have great weekend!


  7. Hey Jo! How sweet that your husband alerted you to such a photographic opportunity!

  8. I guess dust storms are good for something after all. That's a gorgeous sunrise.

  9. Hi Jo, I hope you get less sand and more rain. That's a glorious sunrise :)
    ☼ Sunny
    Yes, I did climb the tower...anything for a picture - haha!

  10. This is a stunning sunset shot, Jo. I love the palm trees silhouetted against the orange sky. I'm glad Grant called you so you could capture this spectacular sky shot~

  11. Hi Jo, thanks for popping in and for your comments. I have entered a picture I took at Shark Rock Pier at sunrise, just before the World Cup Soccer started, with all the national flags flying.

    That is a lovely sunrise shot. My son lived in Khartoum for about 6 years. He is a pilot and flies for the United Nations, but has now moved to Chad.


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