Monday, December 12, 2011

Birding and Christmas Lunch

In response to the many comments on my Thursday post, please be assured that the monkeys in our camp and gardens are very well protected. They aren't harmed in any way by any of the expats living here. We just don't encourage them by feeding them. The monkey sitting in the tree near our tea party last week, had in fact, been raiding the mango tree a few minutes earlier. At that point when I took the photo, his friends were bouncing on the roof and rolling green, half-eaten mangoes down the tiles!
A monkey in our baobab tree outside my bedroom window. I took this photo last week. While enjoying our tea in bed in the morning we watch the antics of the monkeys through the window
Even though the rain seems to have stopped now, the river is still raging

Saturday mid-morning Grant collected me from home and we went out birding. This was the first time in a while. We spotted many birds which I'll post later this week. I have placed a photo of a flycatcher just because I can! This delightfully neat little bird always sits dead still while you click away.
African Grey Flycatcher, a perfect photographic subject

On Sunday we went birding again. I hope to fit in the many birds we saw on our hour-and-a-half drive! On the way home,  Grant stopped in the lane for me to photograph a pair of starlings.

The striking Greater Blue-eared Starling

And another African Grey Flycatcher sitting in a tree above the starling!

At midday we drove up to the Guest House to attend the company Christmas lunch. Sue and the Guest House chefs had set tables under gazebos on the lawn making it a very festive occasion.
Head-teacher, Caroline, Clinical Officer, Jo-Ann and Sue chatting before lunch

Chef Wheatcliffe chatting to some of the guests as they help themselves at the buffet

There were four meats: Christmas ham, roast lamb, peppered steak and three varieties of stuffed chicken

*Sigh* Another tough day in Africa!

On Wednesday the HOD's (who were all present at this dinner) will host a large dinner for the company employees. Sue and I are not involved in this and will probably go birding instead!

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Looks like a wonderful gathering. Hope they served more than meat. ;)

  2. You do have such wonderful times! I feel quite envious of those marvellous outdoors. Takes me back to our trip to the Victoria Falls three Christmases ago. There is nothing to equal the wonderful atmosphere of being in the African bush.

  3. The luncheon looks good and I just love your photos. Wish we had a baobab outside our window. It would be a sure sign that the temperatures would be warmer than they are. I also miss the Jacarandas. Take care Diane

  4. Knowing you it would also have surprised me that you don't feed a poor little monkey, lol !
    How nice your Christmas lunch ! There is even a little tree, lol !
    Dario has got his rented Christmas tree delivered today, 2 m high ! When Christmas is finished they pick it up again.

  5. Your place is such a haven for photographers. Lucky you! Too many birds and animals to photograph.

    The set up in the gazebos look inviting.

    Thank you very much Jo. Regards to your hubby.

  6. Jo! I loved the label "tough day in Africa!" We used to say (at our holiday get-togethers of missionaries that we were "suffering for Jesus!" ☻

  7. Hi Jo, looks likes a lovely Christmas lunch. Wonderful photos of the birds and I love the monkey too. I hope you have a great week, take care.

  8. This looks like a delightful Christmas lunch on a nice sunny day. It's been below freezing every night lately at our house! You and Sue are wonderful party planners and hostesses.

  9. I love the brilliant blue plumage of the Greater Blue-eared Starling. It is stunning!


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