Friday, March 15, 2013

Back on Blogger!

Hi everyone! I'm finally back at my desk in our South African home after many excursions and experiences around the country. Thanks to all who were concerned at my non-posts, even mailing me to find out if all is OK. 
  Crossing the Orange River on our first day of biking at the beginning of March

Yes, life is great for the Hedges family. Grant and I covered 4000km on the motorbike visiting places and friends along the Cape Coast
 Overlooking the Knysna Heads where I met a blogger friend!

I met a blogger in Knysna (more about this later). Once we'd parted at our favourite Guest House in Knysna (which she's already posted about) we met up with, and were subsequently joined by friends in Barrydale, who rode up the coast  on their Harley while we rode our BMW. 
 The beach at Nature's Valley

 Grant and friends relax at our favorite B&B in Port Alfred

The lagoon at Chintsa Beach 

 A rather obscure photo of a Knysna Turaco in Hogsback

After ten days on the road, and finally at Hogsback, we bid our friends farewell. They headed south down the coast to their home in Barrydale.  We  returned home to the Free State, off-saddled from the bike, re-packed our travel bags, and flew down to Cape Town. 
 The Atlantic Ocean below our Cape Town accommodation at the beginning of this week
Travelling through Cape Town on Monday morning
Sir Loury's Pass just outside Cape Town 

We drove back [home] through Cape Town on Monday morning and up the main National Freeway/N1 to Bloemfontein. (1200km). We finally arrived in Marquard at 7pm on Tuesday, having covered 1500km in two days.
Cresting and driving down Van Reenen's Pass which marks the border between the Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal

On Tuesday night Grant and I repacked our luggage early on Wednesday morning we traveled down to Kwa-Zulu Natal to visit our one remaining parent: Grant's 83 year-old mum. 
From Durban we traveled north through Pietermaritzburg, and visited Grant's aunt Gill and her husband Neville. Then we met up with John, Debbie and children where we stayed at a Stud/working Guest Farm on the famous Midlands Meander. 
  John and two oldest grandchildren on the lake below our chalet in the Midlands Meander

We spent two glorious days with our precious family, popped into see my brother, Phillip in Estcourt. Finally, today we returned home to the Free State.  (total kms on this last trip: 1200!)

I trust you're all looking forward to enjoying a wonderful weekend.


  1. WOW----what a whirlwind of a trip--but it sounds like a marvelous one. You and Grant make the most of your special time together. That is awesome.... SO glad you got to do some extra traveling, yet had time to visit family.


  2. I didn't know you'd be away when we were, otherwise I'd have been one of those e-mailing you to check.
    It seems you had an adventurous road trip. I love the photos, especially the one of John and the children... John looks like a big kid himself in that boat.
    We had a few adventures of our own in Italy, some of which I've already posted. I also have two more memory cards from Dick's big camera to upload to my computer.
    Take care, and keep in touch.
    Luv, K

  3. Jo, sounds like you are having a fun trip. Always nice to visit with your family. The scenery is gorgeous and I love the bird. Great post and photos. Have a happy weekend!

  4. First I am very am very jealous when I see beach, blue skies and sitting outside pictures, and then I am tired by ready the km you have done on a bike !! Bravo ! Didn't you feel like a Japonese group of tourists who do "Europe" in a week ??

  5. Wow, that's a lot of miles!
    Glad you had fun visits Jo!

  6. You must be very tired after all that. What a trip!

  7. You sure did put on a lot of miles, or kilometers. Didn't eat in Barrydale but did enjoy three days at Warmwaterberg Spa and of course stopped at Ronnies Sex Shop. So glad you recommended Rt 62. Welcome home.

  8. Wow that was one heck of an adventurous leave. You are very young at heart and physically strong to keep up that pace and distance. It must have been good to see your family.

  9. Great pics from your travels, Jo. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  10. OMW! You've done some hectic travelling since getting to South Africa. But you've also been to so many places.

  11. Hello Jo. It was lovely to hear from you again. WHat an excellent trip this was. I love to travel like this on a motorbike. You can see so much more than from a car which does not go on all those lovely little trails you find. Have a good weekend. Joan


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