Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Once MIL Pam's unit was complete and we'd moved her in, the other oldies kept asking (tongue-in-the-cheek) when we were going to wet its roof. They maintained that if this wasn't done soon, the roof would blow off during one of the late summer storms! 

Last week I spoke to Hester, the admin manager of the center to arrange a suitable time and day for this function. We decided on Friday, 27th March at 9.30 am. 

MIL had given me a bottle of sparkling wine (called champagne by all) peach flavored, for my birthday in February. I'm not sure if she's forgotten that I've always been teetotal but I thought I'd keep it for an occasion.

And that occasion came with the house-warming, roof-wetting of MIL's unit! 

Rina and I invited three widows who still live in the houses in the center: Anna, her sister Vinkie, who was visiting and Myrtle. We asked Pam to invite the five ladies with whom she has lunch in the dining room every day, four of whom live in the unit section (including Pam) 

On Thursday Rina and I baked up a storm. She made chocolate cake and milk tart and also a savory tart. I baked two almond tarts. 
 Intrepid bakers...
...baking up a storm! 

On Friday morning we loaded the baked goods, tea bags, sugar, a carton of milk and the champagne in a bucket of ice, into Grant's car and set off for the old age center.

Hester had set the table with a grey cloth and green overlays. A beautiful table center graced the middle of the table. 
Hester had decorated the table in Pam's choice of colors: green and grey

Before the guests arrived, Rina and I posed at the laden table

Hester and I took the bottle of champagne outside where she proceeded to open it

Back inside the guests had arrived and Rina seated them around the table, with Pam at the head.  
Myrtle hugs Pam welcoming her to the center

While Rina and I poured the glasses of sparkling wine, Pam jumped up and said she wanted to make a speech. She then thanked Grant and Jo (moi!) for her beautiful unit, Rina for all the help she gives her and said how happy she was in the center.
Pam making her speech
While I welcomed Pam to Marquard and the center and thanked all the ladies for their wonderful friendship (they were all my age now, when I met them 20 years ago!) Rina snapped away

Then Rina raised a glass to Pam and the other oldies in the center

Once Rina and I had handed out plates of cake and tarts, and poured cups of tea for the guests to enjoy after the champers, Rina and I eventually sat down and chatted with everyone. They all wanted to know about Tanzania (the love of my life!) and we also heard about Marquard in days gone by (there's nothing that Pienkie doesn't know!)  Then Myrtle called on Rina to do her funny dance for the guests.  

Rina demonstrates a dance which she always does for company and which always evokes great laughs! 

When it was time to go, each lady thanked us for the lovely party. 87 year-old Maxie, (also an old Marquard resident) told me that they enjoyed the bubbly, the tea and eats, but most of all they enjoyed the company of "young" people such as we are! 

The staff told us afterwards that they love it if families do things for the oldies and involve all in the center. It gives an old person a reason to comb their hair and get dressed up and afterwards they have something to talk about for ages...

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  1. a very nice way to share and show welcome and ensure bonds of friendship are formed, too. :)

  2. It was nice to read about Pam's house warming and to hear how much she appreciates and enjoys her new home. I'm so glad everything is falling into place. Hugs. xx p.s. One day you can take a video of Rina's funny dance and post it for your friends from far :-)

  3. Wonderful! The best part being getting the ladies involved, " a reason to comb their hair and get dressed up and afterwards they have something to talk about for ages..." All 'oldies' should be so lucky.

  4. That was a nice and fun thing to do. But I do have to ask, is "wetting the roof" a euphemism for having something to drink and wetting the roof of the mouth, or did you sprinkle a little bit of the bubbly on the shingles? - Margy

  5. That loks like everyone enjoed the company and the eats. Now you will have get a video of Rina doing her dance. That shot told me nothing! I know rina would be up for it!

  6. Hello Jo, you and Rina did a wonderful job on the party..I am sure the ladies and your MIL had a great time.. Have a happy day!

  7. i volunteered in a long term rehab facility for 7 years and i know from experience how much this was appreciated by those ladies. they all look so happy and what a blessing for them and for you and Rina.

  8. What a great party! I know the party and you were so appreciated, Jo!! Hope your week is going well!!

  9. That was a nice house warming party ! And Pam holding this speech ! Of course when you have a public listening, she had to find the right words !


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