Saturday, April 25, 2015

Various critters in our garden

As the autumn draws to the close in the Southern Hemisphere, some birds change their plumage, while others cash in on the berries, still prolific on the shrubs and trees. 

As for the cat in the post, well... is he bird watching or what?
A rear view of the Malachite male in eclipse
tRed-eyed Bulbul eating the berries off the Firethorn bush in Amanda's garden - viewed from our patio
A pair of Red-eyed Bulbul enjoying the berries

Apart from the red eyes which are diagnostic in this bulbul, the yellow vent is another characteristic
A sneaky black cat sits on the wall below the shrub watching the birds...
Tipsy had the grace to look embarrassed when he noticed me snapping him

I'm linking this post to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. I love the first photo of Tipsy.

  2. Loved the critters in your garden Jo. The garden look fantastic in it's winter colours. xx

  3. Wonderful captures for the day, Jo, as always!! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!

  4. Nice selectionof birds in your garden but the cat!!!!!! Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Hello Jo, beautiful birds and photos.. The berries are pretty too. And Tipsy better behave himself and just be watching the birds, lol. Thank you so much for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  6. me thinks Tipsy found a 'bird buffet'.... MOL

  7. neat looking birds. tipsy, be nice!

  8. Fascinating bird, and very interested cat! :-)

  9. Tipsy isn't a birdicidal maniac, he's just drawn that way!

  10. I love the last cat picture. You have really capture the essence of the cat - the perverse creatures that they are. My shadow has been following me all day and is helping me to blog at the moment.


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