Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My world these days

Since the tribute for my dear neighbor Pienkie appeared in the newspaper, I'm contacted regularly to take photos for the next happening in our town. 

Last week I had to photograph the elderly residents of the MGO (retirement center where MIL and now, Rina live). A retirement center in Durban (540km south on the East Coast of SA) had heard about the severe drought in the Free State. They decided to start a collection and subsequently bought and sent water to the MGO. 

I received a photo of the center, Tuinsig (which ironically, MIL almost moved to but then decided to come to Marquard) with the water and then of our residents standing before the water bottle stack. 
Tuinsig, Durban residents with the water they were sending to MGO, Marquard 

I arrived in the MGO dining room just after their weekly church service. The two sisters and Rina started to help the oldies into a group. It's just like getting children to line up and pose for a photo! 
Finally they were ready and I snapped away. This photo and the story will appear in the Provincial newspaper on Friday 

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  1. What a lovely gesture by the care home in Durban. Very thoughtful indeed. I'm glad you are putting your journalistic training and talent to good use dear Jo!

  2. How wonderful that they are helping. Great story and photograph

  3. Hello, Jo! That is awesome news your photos will be used in the newspaper. I found your MIl and Rina in the group photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. my favorite is the one that will be in the newspaper. fantastic that they asked you to do that. i was the official volunteer photographer for a home like this for 6 years and i loved it. i went to their parties and activities and went with them on outings and took photos of them doing whatever it was. maybe they might like you to do that. mine did not get put in a paper though. they put them in a book for the residents nad family and i put them on DVD with music and they watched them on TV

  5. Very nice. You'll be in photographic demand!


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