Thursday, October 20, 2016

I'm back!

Hi everyone. I'm still in the land of the living although it's been a while since I posted here. I did mention in an earlier post that things were going to change for us. Well, they have.

Since Grant was so ill in September, the children suggested we sell up our home in Marquard and move down to the Drakensberg. I've been posting regularly about our trips to John, Debbie and children in the 'Berg; so many of you know where we are at the moment. 

As with death and divorce, moving is another HUGE trauma in anyone's life. Apart from me and Rina packing up my home (which contents we stored 400m down the road in a friend's closed in veranda) Grant still carried on with his home repair and maintenance business on the patio.  

The other thing is that I've lived in our house for the past 16 years. And been in Marquard for 22 years. You can imagine the amount of stuff I threw away. Rina, who cannot bear to throw things out, couldn't believe it when I packed up dinner services, coffee, and tea sets; bed linen, kitchenware, and clothing and said: who wants? She took a lot of items and handed them out to people in the centre who don't have. 

John and Jacob were stalwarts in helping us move 

John has a great sense of humor; here he sits on one of the chairs on the back of the pick-up. (And no, Rina isn't in tears; I think she's exhausted!)

My house lady, Erica, Grant's assistant,  Jacob and my gardener, John scored in a big way as well. On the last three days, we packed their newly acquired items into the back of the pick-up and took them to their respective homes in the township. 
Lounge suites, painting, lamps, tables...
Furniture and boxes stored in friend's house
It's a long (wide-enough) area which took about 80% of the house' contents.
The three-piece lounge suite is in the friend's lounge for him to use. The kitchen appliances: two upright fridges and a dishwasher is integrated in his kitchen. Rina is storing my chest deep freeze
Angus and Amanda have bought our home and I left my Elba stove for her
This was the amount of garbage (cardboard boxes, refuse bin bags filled with papers etc) which Grant and the men threw away on the rubbish dump
Ginger sitting in our very empty entrance hall!

Chappie opted to wait in the radio cabinet!
The bedroom divested of all but my dressing table and our bed

As you can imagine, the most important part of the move (for me) was transporting our pets. We kept Ginger, Shadow and Ambrose locked in my bedroom on Sunday morning - while we packed the last of our possessions into the trailer we were towing behind the pick-up.
Ginger and Ambrose asleep on "their" cushion on the last day on our old house

The three cats in their travel cages
Chappie, sweet girl, was already waiting INSIDE her cage when John and I entered the diningroom where we'd locked her for safety
John helped me by carrying Chappie's cage to the pick-up waiting on the patio

John and Jacob came in to help on Sunday morning. The most important job they had was to help me lift Skabenga (who is petrified of vehicles - crazy dog!) into the back of the pick-up. 

Then it was goodbye to the two men who'd worked for me for ever so long: John for the past ten years and Jacob for the last 18 months. 

Angus, Amanda and children met and greeted us on the pavement between our two houses. 

Eddie and Skabenga were so well-behaved on the 310km, three-and-a-half hour journey 
Shadow, Chappie and Ginger were safely ensconced in the bin of the pick-up with the dogs
Ambrose was in his cage on top of my bedlinen, next to our large suitcase on the seat behind me

The animals have all settled in well. The humans too! The cats are still indoors - I'm hoping Ambrose will give an update of this later. The dogs are in their seventh heaven with a huge area of garden and lawn to romp on. Not to mention another huge field for walks with Mum every morning.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day ahead. 


  1. I am so glad you are moved and safe and that the pets all did well on the trip in the truck. my heart hurts for John and Jacob and your other staff because they are left behind and will be missing you and Grant in their lives. I pray they find employment with another wonderful family. looking at your bedroom I realized your home you moved into is smaller than the bedroom or about the same size but round. sorry you had to leave that beautiful stove behind but I know they will love it. happy for the safe uneventful move and that the pets are happy in their new home.. love the pic of S and E looking out the window of the truck... welcome home and good luck in your new place.. you have each other and your family there plus this will be good for Grant, the most important thing. I am sure he will find THINGS to work on there.

  2. Hello Jo, it will be nice for you to be closer to your children and grandchildren. Moving after being in a home for such a long time can be overwhelming. We have purchased a small place in Florida, we will be here thru the winter. That is where I am now. I am still doing Saturday's Critters and I hope to see you there soon. Take care, have a great day!

  3. Wow, that's a huge move! How delightful to live near the Drakensberg and be near family.

  4. Such a lot of work. Glad you had a wonderful team to help you and that your things and pets are safely lodged. Hugs. xx

  5. I wondere why you were wuiet for so long but ad to know Grant had been ill Hope he is OK now. yes moving is stressful biit you certainly had a lot of help and I hope you settle soon. Soes this mean you have given your dream of going back to work in Africa now>

  6. i am glad you are already settled and the pets made the adjustment, too. bless your friends that you have left behind.

  7. I knew you were planning to move, but for some reason I already thought you were there. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home.


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