Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Two Christmas outings

On Sunday after returning home from the shop (which I closed around 3.30pm, I decided to have a snack for supper and then an early night.

Ronnie phoned me about 4.45 and asked if I was going to my family for Christmas Eve. I said no, that was for Christmas day. So she invited me to her and Janine's Christmas Eve dinner next door. 
 This is the view of John and Ronnie's home from my cottage
 This is my own front lawn with cattle pens at the end
 This is the view of Janine and Gavin'[s home from my cottage 

I arrived at Gavin and Janine's home shortly after 6pm on Christmas Eve. Their daughters (from Varsity) and their even younger cousins from the city we playing a game in the diningroom. The adults were sitting chatting on the large veranda and watching the sun set over the mountains. I didn't have my camera and didn't take any photos. (don't ask me why; I'm still kicking myself!)

The ladies had all prepared meats and vegetables. The young girls had made accompaniments of salads and pumpkin pie and also been solely responsible for the most delicious desserts. It was such a wonderful evening with friends who made me feel at home and part of the celebrations. 

The next morning at 9.15 John, Debbie and children collected me. We were on our way to Debbie's mom (Barbar's) cousin who has a home and B&B in the Midlands Meander. 

As we arrived, I noticed the old doggie in her kennel. Apparently she's rather old and stays out of the way when there are people around. 
 Honey, the old family dog 
 The pup, Tessa 
 Mel, Barbara's sister had set three tables heautifully with the Christmas theme 
 Our six Kwa-Zulu Natal grandchildren

 Both Debbie's sisters and their young daughters were there too 
 There was food enough to feed an army  

We were 20 people around this Christmas Lunch table 

How awesome it is to have such wonderful family and friends. Barbara and Mike (Debbie's parents) and Grant and I have known each other for 19 years. Is there any measure of friendship greater than this at a time when I needed people the most? 

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  1. Hello, Jo! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family and friends. Lots of yummy food too. Your family and grandchildren are beautiful, you are blessed! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  2. How I envy you the family, I am the end of our line and I have no direct relatives at all. Just a few way down the family tree who are very distant! Glad that you have the family though to keep you busy, and the shop. Take care and I hope 2018 will be a good year for you. Diane

  3. I just love the way your family and your friends have gathered round you and that you had not one but two family dinners with friends/family. you are truly blessed with your family. the grands look like they have grown quite a bit since i last saw photos of them... prayers for a wonderful year in front of you with blessings on the way.

  4. Hi Jo ~ you blessed with wonderful friends to share the holidays with ~ great photos and love the doggie photos ~

    Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. wow it was a lovely Christmas

  6. I am so very happy to hear that people are there for you.
    Both celebrations looked totally lovely.

  7. Hi Jo, glad you had a wonderful time on Christmas Eve and Christmas surrounded by friends and family. It's nice to be surrounded by love especially when you need it the most. Enjoy the day!

  8. A big family event. Ours is a very, very small one. - Margy

  9. I'm so glad you have friends who rally 'round you, and your darling grandchildren afterward. How I wish I could be there to hug you, but it's a long way away, so consider yourself hugged, and I'm sure you know you are loved.
    Hugs always — Kay
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. It's wonderful that you have so many good friends and family members there dearest Jo. I know it meant a lot to be included in their festivities at this time and I'm so happy you had more than one place to go and share Christmas. Your hosts have a large place. How wonderful to be able to seat everyone at the same time. I wish I had that ability but alas when I invite folks we gather around in sitting room as there are never even chairs in the dining area. Good thing we live in a casual country, lol.

  11. What a wonderful Eve & day for you Jo! So happy that you have great friends! Lots of love your longing sister Rose xx

  12. That looks like a feast - food around a big table always tastes better I think!

    Cheers (and hope you had a good Christmas) - Stewart M - Melbourne

  13. Friends are like diamonds. So glad you had good company.

  14. Jo. I am glad you were surrounded by so many for Christmas. It looks like you had quite a feast! May you find peace in the new year....

  15. What a perfect way to spend the holiday surrounded by your beautiful family.

  16. It sounds like you were well taken care of at Christmas.


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