Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Work and play

Last week, the dogs and I had already walked to the top gate and back early one morning. As I got home, I heard Grant speaking on the phone to Gavin, the farmer who baled the land in February. His tractor and trailer would be coming in that day to collect the bales. Namusa walked in just then and I asked her if she'd go and unlock the gate. 

She called Skabenga who, after looking back at me, and watching her go on his favorite road, eventually loped after her. Eddy didn't relish the idea of going off a second time and this without Mum. So she turned around and when I walked back to the gate, I saw her sitting there! 

Eddie outside the gate! 
 Here Skabenga and Namusa on the way back from unlocking the far gate! 

 Hello Mum; Musi and I are back from our task ! 

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As this post is aired, I'll be on a hike with my walking club friends. It's a far shorter and much easier walk than the one we did last week. Grant said last night he might or might not accompany me. We'll see...



  1. What a beautiful day it is! I can see why Skabenga loves that road.

  2. Love to have pets. Pets really play an important role in our life:)

  3. Hello Jo, cute shots of Eddy and Skabenga. I love the last shot and caption! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. so sweet, love love love the hello Mum photo.. he is so beautiful and Eddie looks sad at the gate

  5. Sometimes it is a hard decision whether to go or to stay!

  6. Love your photos, hope you had a great hike. Diane

  7. Both dogs are so sweet and great photos of your world ~ thanks,

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^


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