Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My life... home and at work.

Every afternoon after work, I don my running shoes, leash up a 60kg highly excited Labrador and we set out on our walk.  As we leave the inside farmyard, I release Skabenga's clip and he hurtles off up the road. 

For the past two weeks we've increased our distance and I try to do at least a 2km round trip. On Saturdays and Sundays, we increase this to 2.5km. Of course , my furry friend loves this extra treat. He's the fastest and most energetic large dog I have ever owned. 

On Sunday, we walked the entire length of the outside farm road and back again. I was thrilled to see the cows, before being milked and then herded into the paddock which I pass coming home, grazing in the fallow maze fields. I imagine the cows love eating the cobs and stalks. But the pivot goes regularly here and there is sufficient green grass for them even though it's still winter here. 
 Clever cows grazing greens and other luscious treats under the pivot
 It was such a serene scene and I could just imagine the creamiest milk in the making!
 Some of the cows gave Skabenga a warning look (see the brown and white cow's unwavering stare!) 
 The happy dog had found a pivot path full of squelching mud and enjoyed plodging in it!
 I think he sensed Mrs Cow staring daggers at him and turned to look at her!

 Then we were off again!
 A pastoral scene which has been so instrumental in helping me heal over the past eight months and move forward

This morning I was in Colette's shop next door and Miriam told me that Lips had caught and killed a rat. Fortunately  outside so  at least we know our shops are rodent free. I praised her for being the best mouser in the world!

 Lips, who is alone on the veranda now that Missy rules my home and since the kitten went to live with a friend in the Valley
 Once Lips had done her duty, she showed no further interest in the poor hapless (and very dead) rat 

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  1. lips is a great mouser.. a good thing for your shop. I agree with you 100 percent that calm peaceful scenes like you showed us here, are healing. nature of any kind, from waves on the ocean, to pond and fields like this, mountain streams and wooded areas. Nature can heal our body, mind and soul.

  2. Hello, Jo! You have beautiful view during your walk with Skabenga. Love the cattle. It is good to be rodent free, thanks to the kitty. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  3. My Lab, Molly, was so active outside that I could never get a photo of her until she neared nine years old or so. She had always been a blur up until then.

  4. Your world looks truly beautiful.

  5. So glad to read your post dear Jo and to hear how healing the daily walks and the beautiful landscape have been. Whenever I am out in nature and stop a moment to enjoy the scenes, I really feel a lift in my spirit. With a dog one can't help but pause since they are so interested in exploring everything :-) I'm glad Lips is a good mouser. It's sure nice to know the shop or customers won't be scared by live mice scurrying about. Hugs. xx

  6. Always good to have a good mouser around. I think Gibbs would like me to be more regular with the after work walks. Sometimes it's just a jaunt around the yard instead.

  7. Yes, that cow is definitely glaring at Skabenga!

  8. Every now and then I get to walk near cows. I enjoy talking to them. They're outstanding in their fields. :-)

  9. Lovely farmland scenery - lucky dog to have such space to run, and you must enjoy those walks Jo.
    We don't have rats but now and then a tiny mouse gets into the house, unusually under the kitchen sink even though we've stuffed copper mesh around the plumbing holes - apparently they can make if through a 1/4 hole I'm told! Needless to say I keep a mousetrap under there!

  10. So glad the land has given you comfort.


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