Sunday, February 10, 2019

Hedges Kitty and dog update

Hello Bozo and Mum's blogger friend; this is Ambrose  with an update on the pet household. 

Mama Cass and I don't see eye to eye yet and she's still living in Mum's bedroom. 

Mama Cass keeps cool by  sleeping in Mum's wash hand basin

 Aunty Chappie sharpens her claws on Mum's ironing board. 
I don't think Mum minds 
Here I am sniffing around the dog's biscuit barrel  
Missy lolling on the carpet  

Below are photos of Skabenga who has to obey Mum before he is allowed  to pick up his  bone and eat it.  We kitties, don't follow rules...

Skabenga waiting to pick up and eat his bone! 

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  1. You cats make the humans follow your rules while we dogs love humans unconditionally!


  2. Hello, Cute kitties and Skabenga is a good dog. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week.

  3. When would a cat ever be trianed to take food when you say OK 😊 Have a good week, Diane

  4. now that I read this it seems unfair that dogs have to obey and wait for treats and cats don't. never thought of that. I loved seeing kitties and dog today. everyone looks lovely from here. good dog Skabinga

  5. Rules and kitties come from different planets.
    Lovely photos of the family.

  6. What a good dog Skabenga is waiting patiently for that bone

  7. Your pets are adorable - and I can see they have a great Mum caring for them!
    Hugs - Mary


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