Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hedges Kitties and Skabby

Hello Mum's blog readers;this is Ambrose with the latest on the Hedges Kitties and doggie household under Breakdown...

What's that Mum?

Oh, it's LOCKdown.

Nothing too much changed for us Hedges Pets. Yet, now we get to see Mum more. Yay! 
 Missy, up in the eaves of the veranda 
 I, Ambrose, am Mum's assistant when she runs her groups 
 Chappie has found a place under the table 
Mama and Missy looking at something squiggly behind the chest
Skabby gets more than one walk a day too now! 

To all the pets and their doting yoomens out in the world, please stay safe 


  1. Glad all is well for you and your family.

  2. Hello, the lockdown is not fun, But, it is great for the Hedge's furbabies have their Mum home. be safe, and happy! Have a great day and healthy new week!


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