Sunday, July 19, 2020

Kitties help Mum

Hello all Mum's blogger friends; this is Ambrose posting about how we kitties help Mum while she has been not - too - well. 
 Mum enjoys our company so I stay close by her 
Aunty Jenny, Mum's nursing friend, brought this cheerful comforter for Mum to snuggle under. Of course, I love it too! Here I am lying against Mum's legs while she works at her line-on business

When the other nurse comes to help Mum, Missy jumps onto the cupboard and looks down on them both. The nurse is very stern looking and wearing a mask (as all yoomens have to now) she seems even more frightening. But she is helping Mum to get better by putting plastic paper on Mum's leg. 
Missy on the cupboard while Mum's nurse is in the room

Below the lady kitties hog the bar heater. Behind the heater is a ridge in the carpet. Mum's house was the farm workshop and was built near a big tree. The tree has since died, but the root is under the bedroom floor. Unca Shadow used to like sharpening his claws on this handy root under the floor. Nowadays, only Chappie uses it. 
 The girl kitties enjoy the bar heater

To all the other kitties out there, be safe with your yoomens. 


  1. Of course you kitties help. More than you know.

  2. Four-legged Critters help us so much when we are down and when we are up and at all times

  3. It's great that you have wonderful helpful kitties. :)

  4. I bet all you kitties are a great comfort to your mom


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