Saturday, September 19, 2020

Blooms and edibles; bales and a thrush

Notwithstanding another busy week with Weigh-Less groups, farm office work and guests visiting my accommodation, Skabby and I still managed to get out onto the farm road at least once a day. 

The days are beautiful and of course, the view of the mountain peaks are as spectacular as ever! 

An artistic take of the farm lands with Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peaks in the background 
Skabby was delighted when I permitted him to follow me into a paddock which he'd not yet explored! 

Back home, once I'd unleashed Skabby, I stopped to photograph the progress of the blooms on my garden shrubs. 

Tecomaria capensis (Cape Honeysuckle)

The Sunbirds, white-eyes and several other birds love this shrub. The cats also sleep under this bush catching the afternoon sunrays. 

Budddleja salvofolia (Sagewood) 

I've spotted several butterflies on this bush but haven't managed to photograph any yet. 

This is a macro image of a teeny bloom on a weed in my lawn! 

Another beautiful weed bloom!
Bulbine fruitescens (Stalked bulbine) My garden assistant watches as I take photos! 
The last of my cauliflower harvest. We had a hot wind earlier this  month and before I picked this head, it was almost spoiled, Tasted good all the same! 
My kale crop is still going strong
The beetroot is taking longer than I imagined to bulb...

Earlier this week I heard a different bird call in the garden. I grabbed my camera and dashed outside. There was a beautifully marked bird on my lawn. Skabby bounded across the lawn and scared this bird into flying up into the tree in my neighbor's yard. 

Groundscraper Thrush
The Groundscraper Thrush  has a mixture of harsh, loud calls ending with a grating sound 
Back indoors I was just about to replace my camera in its bag, when I noticed an unusual looking spider above the display cabinet.  
I  didn't want to stress this poor critter, so didn't get too close. 
Hence the blurry image !

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here.

We are going to Level 1 on Sunday at midnight. Six months of Lockdown so far! 

I trust you're all well and and safe.



  1. Hello Jo,

    I love all the pretty blooms, the honeysuckle plant is gorgeous. Your Buddleia looks pretty too. It is always nice to see your sweet Skabby! The Groundscraper Thrush is a lovely bird. The kale and cauliflower sound yummy, I love most veggies. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

  2. that is a beautiful speckled bird and of course our beautiful big black dog. glad you could get out with him in the fields. i know with your busy schedule it is hard to find time for you and skabby to walk. I love cauliflower, raw, boiled, baked any way it can be made but not kale

  3. Loving the beauties you shared.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  4. All the flowers are so pretty as well as the bird.

  5. Sometimes the littlest flowers are so prettiest up close. The thrush photos are beautiful.

  6. I enjoyed seeing all the critters and the blooms in your garden. that bird is very pretty too.

  7. Sure glad you have such a beautiful place to be in these strange times. I am jealous about the garden.

  8. Wonderful photos! That spider looks to have had a hard life. It seems to be missing some legs.
    A Batch of Fishes

  9. Hello. Awesome mountains in that first photo. Groundscraper thrush looks so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I didn't get any kale planted this year and I'll miss it this winter. - Margy


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