Saturday, November 28, 2020

Update on my Skabby

 Good afternoon dear Blogger friends. As posted last week, Skabby had been to the vet. He improved during the week. Not once did he go off his food and never was his enthusiasm for his daily walk diminished. But he was a much quieter puppy; at times looking quite introspective. 

Here, after is daily swim in the dam, he had just nose greeted this cow through the fence 
I loved this cow's markings 

Friday morning early, I went onto the veranda, picked up Skabby's leash and clipped it to his quick-release collar. Normally at this stage of our walk, he is so boisterous and jumps up and down excitedly. Today he sat - actually sat - while I leashed him up, then walked alongside me to the car. Always before, I have had to have help to get him into the car; this morning I opened the door, and he jumped onto the back seat and lay down. 
Lying quietly  on the back seat for Mum
Note the introspective look! 
He put his head down and lay like this all the way to the vet 

Inside the vet, I was met by the same young vet who attended Skabby last week. Together she and our lovely Indian vet, Dr Arwa took him into the surgery and closed the door. I waited in the reception area. Within less than ten minutes, Dr Arwa brought him out. Skabby was dripping blood on the tiled floor. The vet told me that it wasn't an abscess but blocked saliver ducts. This caused the fluid to build up and gather under his chin. The vet had drained fluid as he could, inserted a plastic drain, secured with a gut stich and asked me to bring him back to the surgery on Tuesday. He has to continue on the antibiotic meds as well. 
Back home, I crushed his tablets into warm milk, added meaty chunks and set it in front of Skabby. He ate with gusto and at the same time, the plastic drain fell out of his neck onto the floor. As my doggy is quite well, I decided against going back to the vet. 

We will see the doctor again on Tuesday.

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  1. You dog is beautiful and it hurts my heart that he was suffering. I hope he gets well soon! XX

  2. Wow, hope all will be well with Skabby.💖

  3. Prayers going up for precious Gabby I am so sorry to hear this and I do hope that draining it we'll keep it open and that it doesn't block backup I asked God now to keep it open and keep scabby healthy. His so beautiful laying there in the backseat I wish I could hug you and scabby

  4. Hello,
    I am sorry Skabby is not well. I hope this procedure helps and he is on the road to recovery! He is so cute, give him some hugs from me. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  5. Poor Skabby. I do hope his improvement continues.

  6. Lots of healing energy to beautiful Skabbie ~ He is so handsome but can she does not feel too good ~ hope all goes well .

    Great photo of the cow ~ too

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Poor Skabby. It's always sad to hear of an animal not feeling their best. Hope he is better soon

  8. I hope this issue clears up soon for Skabby and the visit to the vet goes well on Tuesday. Good luck to you both.

  9. Wow! Poor Skabby. I really hope he will be better soon.

  10. Thanks for the update and I hope he improves greatly before you return to the vet on Tuesday Jo. Have a great Sunday and week ahead.

  11. Hope Skabby is on the road to recovery.


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