Sunday, February 14, 2021

Ambrose blogging at last

 Good morning to Mum's blog friends; this is Ambrose at last. Mum has been sooooo busy at the computer that I have just lain on the fridge top and looked down on her desk. 

All is well with the Hedges Kitties and doggy. Skabby is regalated to the veranda during the day because his paws get wet from the grass and he messes the floors. 

What's that Mum? Oh RE - LA- GA- TED to the veranda. Below is the photo of him looking in while Mama sits on a small stool and looks out.

Mama looks out at Skabby looking in 

Chappy lies on the lawn watching birds...
Missy likes to relax on Mum's bed sometimes

I, Ambrose am the guard cat! 


  1. I enjoyed the cute and lovable pet photos. ❤️

  2. Poor Skabby. And what a magnificent guard cat you are.

  3. Hello,
    It is great to hear all the Hedges pets are doing well. You look cute as the guard cat. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!

  4. Oh my goodness Ambrose I have no sense of balance at all and when I look at you sitting on that fence it makes me shudder. I can hardly walk across the floor without falling over haha everyone looks absolutely wonderful and it makes me happy to see all of you. We're having muddy tall Prince also I have a towel at the back door that I use as a foot rag to wipe up the muddy paw prints

  5. Skabby is outside and wants to be inside. You need some foot coverings but probably wouldn't like them. My dog hated them and would walk lifting his feet up high hoping they would fall off and they didn't. :) The cats doing their cat things, relaxing, sitting and watching. Have a nice week everyone!

  6. Nice to see your furry family doing so well Jo 💙


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