Thursday, March 10, 2022

Clock and creed

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. I have an affinity for clocks. Strange clocks and over the years, I have collected several wall hanging time pieces to please my eye. 

While I visited Grant's aunt, Gill, in Howick in mid-February, I once again saw her kitchen clock, It has Arabic script on it and is quite easy to tell the time, all the same. I cannot imagine that I spent two years in Khartoum, a predominately Arabic city and never bought an Arabic clock. Nevertheless, Gill has promised to bequeath her clock to me in her will.  

Last week a lady advertised several wall clocks on our local WhatsApp group. One was a black clock with formulas and numeric symbols on it. I asked her to keep it for me and here it is hanging above my desk as I work.

My unique clock  nestled beside my creed 



  1. That sure is an unusual clock and quite clever.Good luck with your collection.

  2. Hello Jo,
    The black clock is unique and interesting. I have never seen one like this. It will be nice to add to your clock collection. Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. I can't believe I have lived 77 years and never seen a clock that was not what I call the normal kind. i did not know they exist.

  4. Wow! You do come across the most interesting clocks.

  5. I like your clock. I used to have a clock collection years ago and one had a fireplace in it, not real but one that was lit up by a bulb. Had it for years and then it stopped working. I used to hate daylight savings time, too many clocks to change. :) Enjoy your day, Jo.

  6. Love your new clock. My mom had a thing for clocks also. I grew up listening to the chimes of a grandmother clock on the mantel and the grandfather clock, plus the crazy coco-clock.


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