Monday, May 4, 2009

Angie and Eddy

Thanks for the walk, Mum! Last week after our walk, Angie and Eddy quenched their thirsts at the drinking bowl in the front garden. Then they dashed down the driveway in search of more fun and playtime. No end to these two's energy. They discovered a strip of old towelling and the game was on...
Yum, that was delicious
Let's play, Eddy!Mmmm, this looks interesting
OK I've got it now
Joined at the lip...
...or is it, the nose?
Waahaa, Angie. Grab that end!
I've got it now
No, it's mine!
If I concentrate hard enough, I'll get this toy from Eddy
Hold on for a better grip
There, a hug around the neck should do it
Uuurgh, you're throttling me, Angie!
There, it's MINE now!


  1. Jo,
    Your doggies are so cute. Angie is so much bigger than Eddy, it's lucky she doesn't beat him up!
    Pacha loves scraps of cloth too. What a fun toy.

  2. Hi Dedene;) Angie has given Eddy (who's a girl doggie) a few hidings but Eddy is SO cheeky and just gives back the same measure. Strange how pets will have special toys and then they prefer something "natural" I LOVE your Pacha. Hugs

  3. Nice to see them having such fun. Looks like they're good pals.

  4. Hi Gennasus, they are the greatest of friends!

  5. Angie has grown so big! I like her frame, especially from the side pictures. She and Eddy really seem like the best of friends! There are few things as great for animals as constant company!

  6. Thanks Esther, she is filling out at last. Angie and the cats are also best of friends but only if Eddy is "tadpoling" in the pond! Before Eddy came to stay, she and Megan were also friends, but Megan is ten years old and very fat, so that was no fun for boisterous Angie. You are so right. Dogs need constant company and I often think (and worry) about dogs in a household where everyone works. Our cities are full of them and even here in our town I see this, When the humans get home, they don't even spare a glance for the dog who's spent all day in an enclosed, paved courtyard with high walls. It's the old sad story of buying a cute puppy at Christmas time and by Easter he's forgotten, neglected, unloved. That is why I lavish my animals with all the love and attention I have - to make up for those poor dogs. Hugs


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