Friday, May 29, 2009

God's Promise

And God said: I am giving you a sign as evidence of my eternal covenant with you and all living creatures. I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is a sign of my permanent promise to you and all the earth. Genesis 9:12-13

These images were captured at the beginning of May from a hillside in the Drakensberg overlooking the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands

Photo credit: John Hedges

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  1. Jo these rainbow photos are outstanding, I also love your header pic as well.

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  2. Those are the kind of rainbows that inspire words like majestic and awesome, they truly are both!
    Have a good weekend, I am visiting this blog from Skywatch Friday , you are the post above me and I just like to stop and say Hello to those posts that are randomly on either side of mine!

  3. Wow! Awe inspiring...thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

  4. Oh so beautiuful. What a lovely capture you got there.

  5. Really beautiful photos, I like the double rainbow. =)

  6. awesome capture! these are stunning!

  7. Hi Marcia ;) welcome to my blog. Thanks for the kind comment.

    Hi Guy D;) That is a great compliment from you who has such a brilliant photoblog. I'll pass your comment onto my son who took the photo.

    Hi uberhund;) welcome to my blog. Yes, it is awesome and majestic. Thanks for visiting me. I like to visit others on SkyWatch as well. See you soon.

    Hi Dot;) Welcome to my blog. I've popped onto yours. I LOVE it. I will visit again soon. Thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Hip Chick ;) Welcome to my blog and thanks for the kind comment. I'm popping over to you soon.

    Hi Sanna;) welcome! Yes a double rainbow is double the promise. I'll pop over to your blog soon.

    Hi syel;) Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment. I'll be over at your blog shortly.

  8. Wonderful rainbow photo - plenty of room to capture all of it. Here we only see peices due to the mountains.

  9. Hi wnsmountainliving;) thanks for the kind comment. Fortunately this was taken from the hillside (the mountain foothills) and there was "enough" rainbow. Welcome to my blog. I'll visit yours soon.

  10. Thanks for the pictures.. beautiful

  11. Hi Joe Todd;) welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.

  12. Stunningly beautiful, Jo! It's been ages since I saw a rainbow. Maybe because we haven't had much rain...? :-)

    Warm greetings from West Africa!

  13. Just goes to show His mighty power! Artwork like no one can ever create. Thanks for sharing the Word and these breath taking pictures with the world.

  14. Brilliant rainbows, it's not often you get the chance to capture them as good as this (at least....not here).

  15. A-MA-ZING

  16. Hi Esther;) thanks for your comment. Yes, I suppose you need rain to get a rainbow (LOL) Enjoy your Saturday afternoon ride in the bush. (((Hugs)

    Hi redkathy;) Wow, good to see you again. Thanks for your kind comments. Hugs

    Hi Gennasus;) this is a beautiful capture. Thanks - I'll pass the comment onto my son. Thanks for visisting. I'm off to see you now...

    Hi Digital Poloroids;) Thanks. I really enjoyed visiting your blog a while ago.I'm off to you again now I have more bandwidth.

    Hi MarthaZ;) Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments. I'll visit you shortly.

  17. nice shot of is seldom to have the opportunity to take shots of sky with rainbow

    thanks for dropping by.

  18. Hi Jo. Wow, great shots. Perfect!
    ( I went out of town few days ago, came home last night.)

  19. Hi The Explorer;) thanks for the comment - I've passed all these onto my son who took the photos and his wife, whose camera he used! They were thrilled to feature on my blog. Your blog is super - I'll visit often.

    Hi Regina;) I missed you. Hope you had a wonderful break away. I'm sure we'll see many photos of your trip. We bloggers are never without the camera! Bless you.

  20. Oh, such beautiful, beautiful rainbows. Wonderful captures indeed.


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