Monday, May 25, 2009

Canine Fashion

Ladies and gentlemen, note the sleek line of the tartan coat

The weather is steadily cooling down and the garden, although still primarily green, is slowing down to its winter dormancy.

My dogs sleep in blanket-lined-raised-on-pallets- baskets in the garage. The electric door is left open at the bottom so that especially Angie can make a quick exit. She likes to patrol the garden at night and I often hear her padding past my bedroom window. She is very serious about her job of guarding me and all on the premises.

Canine fashion at its best - note the casual stance of each model!

This morning I went into my winter storage cupboard and unearthed the dogs’ coats. Eddy and Megan are quite used to donning their winter pyjamas every year at this time. Angie, however, was another kettle of fish altogether. As I pulled the tartan coat over her head, she ducked and I ended up pushing her head through a sleeve! A major tussle ensued (have you ever tried to hold a dog who is moving backwards at high speed?) while I pulled the coat off again and quickly pushed the turtleneck collar over her head. When I smoothed the coat down over her back, she turned and began to pull at the edges. I’m praying she doesn’t chew her coat overnight.

Ladies and gentleman, here we have the perfect coat for the shiniest girl in Africa!
A professional model has to catch up on some much-needed sleep

Uh-oh! Looking out of my office window this minute, I see Angie lying fast asleep on the lawn beside the driveway. *sigh*


  1. That is a lovely winter coat for Angie. Can you machine wash it when necessary?

  2. Hi Pat, yes, I can machine wash all the dogs' coats. The thick grey blankets in their baskets are hand-washed in a tub of warm water on the patio. I don't like to put that much sand through my machine so my gardeners, John and David kindly help me with this.

  3. Hello Jo. When I answered your comment on my blog I did not realize that you are from here too. :)

    It certainly seems as if you have traveled around in your time. My father was in the army and the mines before that so we got quite used to moving from pillar to post too.

    I am sure that it has got to be freezing there by you. Last week we had all those ice cold winds blowing here in Pretoria. It is the coldest I have got since I have been back in town.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  4. Hi Joan, we were in Johannesburg for three days last week and could have just missed the cold. Or is it just that the Free State is colder... Thanks for popping in.

  5. I can't believe that your dogs put up with being dressed. That is hysterical, and so cute. Angie might just chew up her coat if she's not used to it. Pacha would never allow such a thing. But then he has tons of fur.

  6. Hi Dedene, there's one thing my dogs love more than even their food, and that is going for a walk in the street. When I introduced the coat to Angie, I dressed them all, clipped the leash on Angie and took them for a walk. Now they wait for the dress-up! Yes, Pacha is beautifully covered. (((Hugs)))

  7. What cute dogs, and so fashionable too!

    We have 3 ducks now, two just recently added, but only one who is roaming the yard right now.

  8. Hi Mountain.mama:) thanks my doggies love their coats as the cold has set in here in the Southern Hemisphere. I'll pop onto your blog again to see if the other two ducks are also wandering. So sweet...

  9. Angie looks great in red! So does Sheba, lol. I bet Angie looks great in just about any colour though!

    I think dogs love what you love on them, as long as you make them feel precious about it. And Angie, together with the rest of the pack, seem to love their outfits!

  10. Esther, I remember Sheba and her red kerchief when she won the competition. Gorgeous girl. yes, Angie has the colour, doesn't she? The three girls wait every afternoon for their dress-up because it goes with "walkies" You know how any pet loves that. (((Hugs)))


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