Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday, Mum

My mum-in-law, Pam (at 24) turns 80 today

Today is my mum-in-law, Pam's birthday. She is 80 today. My mum-in-law and I have a relationship which spans four decades. I met and fell in love with her older, highly intelligent and most handsome son when I was but fifteen years old.

Over the years I have learnt many things from my m.i.l., not least how to cook traditional English fare which my husband so loves. Now that I'm a m.i.l., I remember her wisdom and hold my peace.

She was an excellent grandmother to our two sons. I've just realised that she turned 50 mere days before my youngest son, Angus was born. (Angus turns 30 this week) I remember how my m.i.l. travelled quite a distance across the country to our home in Zululand when I had this new-born baby as well as a 5 1/2 year-old son to cope with. She obviously forfeited a birthday celebration on her special day to come and spend time with me and help with the children.

My husband and I are not able to be with her today but I've had a gift of her favourite skin care products delivered to her doorstep. I am arranging a luncheon in her honour in June when my husband returns from the Sudan.

All that remains for me to say, is

God bless you Mum. We love you dearly.

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