Saturday, May 9, 2009

Winter Slowly Approaches

Aloe greatheadii flowering for the second time this year

Soft autumn colours create a picture of warmth and peace

After the most glorious summer which is finally ending and as winter approaches, the colours in my garden delight the eye. From golden yellow to soft bronze, the deciduous trees and shrubs slowly shed their leaves while the evergreens are softened to olive and taupe. Everything feels soft to the senses as you stroll through the garden. If this is what the end of a righteous life is like, I strive towards it.

Eddy enjoying the dappled sunlight
Clarice and Angie relax in the warm winter sun

Chip catches a last ray of sun


  1. Enjoy your blog.So kind.Good luck!
    We hope that we will have the opportunity to make friends with you.
    We invite you to come to our blog. You are welcome any time.

  2. Mr Lee;) Welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to visiting your blog.

  3. As always, your photos are such a delight. Are winters severe there? I hope not, for you!
    BTW: the butternut squash soup recipe is delicious!

  4. Thanks Dedene! The coldest our winters get is in mid-July and the temp are -12°C overnight. This occurs every couple of years only. The daily temp are between 9-12 °C. We had snow on 1 August 2006 early in the morning.It lasted until about 10! No, winters are not harsh here. Nothing like you experience for months on end. Did you make the soup? It IS delicious. (((Hugs)))

  5. Oh.. here the dry season has ended. Rainy days are here. (We have only two seasons actually).
    Happy mom's day.

  6. A beautiful Siamese of the older type with a fatter face, my favourite type. I had one, Krishna, just like that for 19 and a half years, she was my soul mate and even though its more than 20 years ago I still miss her. I just don't like the llong narrow pointy faced Siamese cats they favor now days.
    I now have a pretty Silver Blue Burmese called Porsche, she appears in my Other Blog which is for family and pets mainly. We recently lost our other cat a Maine Coon cat, so we are just a single cat household now.
    I like your photos from your Harley trip.

  7. Oh Glennis, I know what it feels like to lose a special cat. I lost my West African cat, Mandu two years ago at Easter and I know that in twenty years' time, I'll still be heartsore when I think about him. Yes, Chip is of the older type of Siamese. She is almost ten years old and very sweet. I know your beautiful Porsche, she is exquisite. Sorry about your recent loss of your Main Coon. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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