Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Trip to Johannesburg Part 1

Our accommodation in Benoni, Johannesburg was situated on a small farm (in the middle of the city, believe it or not) and had all the facilities for us to wind down after the long road trip. The children especially, enjoyed the surrounds, the pets and the cool playgrounds

The log cabins, which were our sleeping abodes, were comfortable and warm and set among old trees and on rolling lawns

John's practical and comfortable vehicle transported three adults, three children (one, a tiny babe in arms) all our luggage as well as our large motorbike

On Monday morning John, Debbie, the children and I left home for Johannesburg. Our motorbike, loaded in the back of John’s practical and comfortable vehicle was being taken to an engineering shop on the outskirts of the city for a service.

We arrived at the workshop at 11.30am and once we’d off loaded the bike we drove off to our accommodation on the eastern side of Johannesburg. What a wonderful surprise when we arrived at the most beautiful farm; log cabins, which were our sleeping quarters,nestled under old plain trees with rolling lawns where the children immediately expended most of their pent-up energy from the long road trip.

The landlady was very concerned that Debbie would have no en suite facilities for our eight-week-old baby but I assured her that they had slept in township huts with no running water or electricity while they were on their discipleship course last year.

Once I had helped the children to shower and dress, while Debbie tended to the baby, we all enjoyed pasta, sauce and copious cups of tea in the communal kitchen.

By early evening we were all in bed and woke fresh and eager in the morning for our next adventure: We were on our way to meet a friend of mine for tea.

More about this exciting event later...

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