Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Nose by any other Name?

The rock above / below is called Gladstone's Nose

Golden Gate National Highlands Park which is situated in the Eastern Free State, boasts natural rock formations which have been given intriguing names: Gladstone's Nose, the Titanic and Brandwag (the sentinel). The Titanic looks exactly like its namesake while the Brandwag stands like a sentinel on the road to the campsite. However, I’ve travelled through this park many times over the past fifteen years and always wondered where Gladstone’s Nose got its name. I decided to Google it and all I came up with is that it’s named after a Victorian Prime Minister named Gladstone. I’m not sure whether he frequented this part of South Africa, but the name suits the rock. See for yourself...

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  1. A very fitting name! It looks like a wonderfully beautiful place to spend a bit of time.

  2. hahaha, that is a nose indeed, how cute.

  3. Gladstone and Disraeli were the great figures in British politics when images were left to illustrators and sound bites non-existent. With Victoria they were the movers and shakers in a way that makes modern figures pallid. Empire was the name of the game thus you live with the ultimate consequences.
    As you see, your post has induced thought.

  4. Certainly an interesting rock shape! It almost looks as if ready to adopt another shape with a bit of weathering! Great photos!

  5. Hi flmom;) It certainly is a lovely place to spend time. I had disembarked from our Harley Davidson a few meters before this and photographed my husband riding down the road to me! Good to see you again!

    Hi Photo Cache;) it is very cute. The rock formations in this part of the country are so interesting. There is a rock which looks like an upside down high-heeled shoe, another like a dog's head and so on. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Aileni;) Yes, I read about these figures and the way the cartoonists used to depict them. Thanks for the thoughtful insight!

    Hi Greyscale Territory;) Yes, the rock certainly looks as if it could become something else. A very interesting piece of landscape on our trips through the national park. Thanks for popping in.

  6. I can definitely see the nose! Great shots!

  7. Hi Jo. How are you? What a lovely place. I enjoy this one. Nice shots.

  8. Hi Kendris;) thanks for popping in.

    Hi Regina ;) nice to hear you again. thanks for your kind comment. (((Hugs)))

  9. Had an exam question why it was called Gladstones Nose. I said it was because it looked like a nose... Seems I was wrong and lost the marks :(


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