Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As we enter the colder winter months here in South Africa, my husband is experiencing hot and windy weather in North Africa. Apart from daily temperatures soaring in the mid-fifties, he is living through the most incredible sandstorms. These sandstorms, known as Haboob, are prevalent at this time of the year and can number up to 24 in the season!

Hubby arrived home from work last Thursday and photographed the sandstorm from the rooftop of his apartment. In his e-mail to which he attached the images, he wryly added: “Khartoum at its best; certainly not for sissies!”

Above is a photograph of the setting sun taken that evening. The storm had not abated, but it seems a little softer in this light!

The sun setting over a dusty Khartoum


  1. I can feel both the heat and the sand from here! Do they get rain after the storms, or just the heat and the sand?

  2. Your sand storm seems almost the same in my country, the big different is the water and the sand. but if it in terms of the wind...i think its the same. Photos in this post are great.

    Thanks for dropping by in my site few weeks ago, this is the only time I was able to visit your blog. I do appreciate your time.

  3. Hi Esther, it's horrific, ain't it? Yes, they also have a "wet season" I think that is coming up soon.

    Hi The Explorer;) Thanks for popping in. I'll pass your kind comments about the photos onto hubby.


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