Saturday, May 23, 2009

Animal Welfare

The godly are concerned for the welfare of their animals, but even the kindness of the wicked is cruel. Proverbs 12:10


  1. Your animals have nothing to worry about. I can't imagine better-treated pets!

  2. Hi Dedene! Nice to see you again. Thanks for your kind comments. (((Hugs)))

  3. Hi there! I found your blog through nice that you both were able to finally meet in person. I loved that story.
    Love your black (lab?)...we have one who looks much like yours.

  4. Hi Heart of a Cowgirl;) Welcome to my blog. I visited yours yesterday - will comment on it shortly. Yes, Angie is the blackest dog I've seen and she has mostly Labrador in her. We got her from the SPCA and not sure if she has Rottweiler and/or pointer in her. She is precious. I look forward to seeing your Lab.


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