Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby J's first visit to the beach

Just after receiving an e-mail from our Marquard grandson, showing us how clever he is at holding his own bottle, (you can see this here), his dad sent these photos of his first visit to the beach. His mum took the photos. Is he not just the cutest? PS Amazing to think it's mid-winter in South Africa yet on the East Coast, where these photos are taken, it was a mild sunny day. Perfect for Baby J's first visit to the beach.

I think I'll grow up to be as handsome as my dad...

...and as clever as my mummy who takes cool photos of us!

I'm sporting the cutest baby fashion: Bermuda Shorts for Boys!

OK , so they want me to pose;  I'll just dip my toes in...

All boys love wheels, right? Wow, this is toe - curling stuff!

This is nice and messy; wonder what it tastes like?


The Arabic word for sea is baghar (pronounced with the "g" as in clearing your throat or as ach in German, like in Nacht!)


  1. Oh how cute, Jo.... Isn't he just precious???? I just want to squeeze him so tight!!!!! I love the one with his Dad with the ocean behind them... Great picture... And of course, I love the last two--with your captions...

    Thanks for giving me a smile.

  2. He is adorable, and growing So fast.

  3. Sea is ba7r or ba7ar, like in Ba7ri the northern district of khartoum, in Egypt we use Ba7ri for the northern frontier of the house which receives a lot of air in summer, so next time u want to rent a flat ask first is it ba7ri or qebli ,)

  4. He is a cutie, Jo! You must be so proud of yoru grandson.

  5. Hi Jo, beautifull photos! My grandchildren all love the water and the sand and they have all 'tasted' it on their first visits to the beach but I think they realise quite fast it does not taste too good!

  6. Oh, what a cutie pie! I especially like the father & son photos. Dad look so proud and happy with his little boy. Praise God for our children and grandchildren!

  7. Isn't Internet a wonderful invention for keeping far living grandmas updated ? Next year my cats will have some competitor !

  8. What a darling grandson, Jo. I love the photo of him holding his cute.

  9. What a cutie!! Fun at the beach - can't beat it (except for fun at grandma's, right?).

  10. He is getting so big. He'll be walking soon! Adorable pictures of both of your boys.

  11. What a cute little guy. I hope the sand was tasty!
    The ocean looks beautiful there.


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