Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Autumn Sunrise over the Omdurman

Last week I posted a very similar photograph to the one above. That one was taken from the roof of our apartment, (second storey) while this one was take from the first floor balcony of the flat.  I just LOVE how the sun cuts through the railings in the foreground

The Arabic word for roof is Sqf (pronounced segeeff) and the Arabic word for balcony is Shrfh (pronounced shirrfah)

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  1. I can almost feel the sun's rays from here. A beautiful sunrise.
    ☼ Sunny

  2. A really superb capture, Jo! What a wonderful way to start the day with such glorious colors and skies! Hope you have a lovely, golden weekend!


  3. Jo, this shot is gorgeous! I love the silhouetted palm trees and the sun burning through the railings.

  4. It's a really warm sunrise, and I love it too, Sunny. Have a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Thanks Sylvia;) I couldn't resist posting the same sunrise a second time in a row. Because it's so different. You have a WONDERFUL weekend, too.

    Hi Pat;) yes,that is why, when I saw the photos taken from lower down, I had to post it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Great photo! And a spectacular sunrise! The sky is aglow and I like how the palm seems to be blowing in the breeze.

  6. Gorgeous sunrise, Jo.... I love seeing the Palm trees in the picture also... Beautiful!!!!


  7. What a beautiful, warm, tropical photograph. I was interested in your travel/photography permit below, I've never lived anywhere that was needed and it's a very alien concept to me.

  8. You sure do have a marvelous view of sunrise, from either location. I like the rail silhouettes against all the gold.

  9. That is such a warm and inviting you I enjoy how the sun peaks through the railings....

  10. Stunning shot Jo! Lovely golden sunrise. Am enjoying your Arabic words of the i can compare the difference between Emarati and Sudan arabic.

    Have a nice weekend dear.

    We love to go over and visit other countries which we can do so easily here. The skies always appear different but somehow inspires the same awe and peace.
    we liked your blog very inspiring..
    wags from Ginger and Buddy

  12. Such a beautiful sunrise photo! Just gorgeous!

  13. Thanks Joyful:)

    Yes, Carol, we were expecting rain but instead this wind whipped up a sandstorm. The dust in the air made this a beautiful photo!

    Hi Al, yes only in Africa! We also have to pay to exit the country! Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Gaelyn, I was also thrilled with the sun cutting through the railing.

    Welcome Smalltown RN;) good to see you.

    Hi Misalyn;) thanks, and I always think of you when I place my Arabic word! Blessings

    Hi Aksharaa! Welcome; yes, I love visiting other countries through blogs. Purrs from Shadow for you, Ginger and Buddy.

    Hi Sandy;) thanks for the kind comment.

  14. Shorfa is the standard word, in the dialects u can say Balkona
    Here are some Arabic dictionary, if you can read Arabic alphabet :)

  15. Wonderful golden sky. I like the palm fronds blowing in the wind.

  16. Beautiful Photo Jo!! Love it!!
    Hope all os well!


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